Hospitality Sector Thrives – Here’s How to Find the Jobs

Hospitality Sector ThrivesForget the doom and gloom of the rising unemployment rates. There are jobs out there and one of the most thriving sectors, seeing stability is found in the hospitality industry. If you’re not in the business of hospitality, but looking for work, then a career change may be an option.

It could also be a field you could go into as gap filling job, until your chosen career picks up again. For those who need flexibility, this isn’t a problem either. The majority of the work is required on a part-time basis.

The jobs range from:

  • Waiting on tables
  • Washing the dishes in a restaurant
  • Serving drinks in bars
  • Doing the laundry for hotels
  • or even working as a receptionist for a hotel, or restaurant

The way into the hospitality industry

In order to get work in the hospitality sector, you won’t need to be experienced in the field. What you will need is the ability to get on with people. You’ll be working with the public, serving meals or drinks, doing room service, or administration duties.

Regardless if you’re front of house, dealing with customers, or behind the scenes doing the cleaning, you’re part of a team. Therefore, you’re going to be with people throughout your shifts. For most team workers, they often find that working with people is something they enjoy, so while their working they can speak with the people around them. It helps the shift go in that much faster as you will enjoy the work more.

As we all know, enjoying your line of work is a definite as without the job satisfaction, it becomes difficult fast, to get the motivation to even turn up, and not pick up the phone to call in a sick day.

So if you feel you’re a people person then jobs in hospitality could serve you well. If you really want to push your way into this line of work, with dedication, devotion and a desire to fast track your way up the career ladder, then taking training courses for career development can set you apart and on the right track. Putting your best foot forward, and showing your commitment right from your interview stage.

How to find the work

Finding the work isn’t going to be difficult. No matter where you live, there’s going to be a hotel or restaurant close by, where you can approach for vacancies.

If you don’t fancy the cold calling method of forwarding your CV without knowing if there are vacancies, you can find thousands of jobs listed on the Job Centre Plus service. Besides, you also have the magnitude of job boards that will have plenty of vacancies too.

The strategic way to get into a real career in the industry

Go large and use the internet to your advantage here. You do this by taking all the large chains, such as

  • The Travelodge
  • JD Wetherspoon
  • Café Rouge
  • Coffee Republic
  • Harry Ramsden’s
  • Frankie & Benny’s

And any other big chains you can think of. If you’re stuck for company names, you’ll find an extensive list on Wikipedia. They’re listed alphabetically, so scroll down to the United Kingdom and they’re listed A – Z from there. You will want to keep an eye on Whitbread. They’re one of the largest recruiters of hospitality staff around the UK, with leading chains, including

  • Costa Coffee
  • Brewers Fayre
  • Table Table
  • Taybarns
  • The Beefeater
  • The Premier Inn

How to monitor the market

Get the news sent directly to your email address. You do this through a Google Alert system. Get to know when the vacancies are coming up, before they’re advertised. Go to Google [], put in Whitbread (or any other company you’re interested in working with), then scroll down to the bottom of the search screen and you’ll see an option to create an email alert for your search term.

You can do this with each big chain you can think of. You can get alerts sent once a day, once a week or you can get it as it happens. Since these chains publish news all the time, you’ll probably want to go with a one a day option and not as it happens. You’d probably end up bombarded with results, should you set it up for every major hotel and restaurant chain, on an as it happens basis.