Tips for Successfully Filling in Job Application Forms

Tips for Successfully Filling in Job Application FormsThere can be few jobs available today that do not require you to fill in an application form.

However this is not an activity that should be approached in a half hearted way. Most people will fill them in relatively quickly and with little forethought, so this is your chance to shine by taking a little extra time on the task at hand. Here are some tips to help make sure your application forms are always on top of the pile.

Read it carefully first

How many times have you started filling in an application form as soon as you read the first section? And how many times have you ended up making a mistake or wishing you had written something differently?

Make sure you sit down and read it through carefully first. You’ll get a feel for what they want and it will give you a chance to evaluate the form before you start filling it in. You’ll also be able to go through any specific instructions given to you for completing the form – some specify black ink.

Write out certain sections in rough first

Many application forms have sections that require you to fill in an example or situation from your working life. This is used to ascertain whether you have the required skills to succeed if you were given the job you are applying for.

Always make sure you write out your response in rough first. This way you can edit it and polish it until it is the very best you can do. Then it’s just a matter of transferring your answer onto the application form. Before you write it in, make sure you have used positive words and phrases and refrained from putting anything negative. Sometimes you may be asked to comment on a bad situation that cropped up in your working life. In this case, choose something suitable and show how you turned things around to create a positive outcome.

Remember to show your transferable skills

Some skills are essential to have in different types of jobs. For instance many jobs require you to be good at dealing with different people. Think about the job you are applying for and consider which skills you possess and have picked up from previous jobs that you could apply to the new job as well.

Understanding the nature of transferable skills and bringing them to bear as part of your efforts to fill in the application form is an important step to take. It will put you head and shoulders above many of the other people who are filling in the same form as you. Putting just a little more effort into it could grant you an interview, and that means you’ll stand an even better chance of getting the job.