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How to Become a Chiropodist

A chiropodist is also known as a podiatrist A chiropodist is someone who specialises in working with conditions affecting the lower limbs including lower leg, ankle and feet. As a chiropodist you will work with patients of all ages ranging from children through to the elderly. You will help your patients by assessing, diagnosing and treating any abnormalities or diseases that they present.

You will also offer advice on how best to avoid further problems or complications as well as on how to care for the foot and lower limbs. The training required to become a chiropodist / podiatrist can be at times fairly complex, however once you are fully qualified the job can provide a great sense of satisfaction, plus you will be well remunerated. As a chiropodist you will experience a wide variety of cases ranging from sports injuries through to people needing nail surgery. No two days will be the same.

Chiropodist training

Chiropody and podiatry are specialist fields that require extensive training before you can be licensed to practice. Training comprises a mixture of theoretical and practical learning and is taught in modules with each module being assessed individually. There are only thirteen locations in the United Kingdom where you can attain the….

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Chiropodist Jobs

Once qualified you will be free to apply for jobs as a chiropodist / podiatrist. Chiropodists work in a variety of locations including hospitals, doctors surgeries and health centres. In addition as a chiropodist you may well perform visits to people (for example in their residence or nursing homes) who cannot travel to you.

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Useful Information

A chiropodist can also be referred to as a podiatrist. Both roles are the same

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