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Nurses Salary – How much does a nurse earn?

Added on: July 6th, 2011 written by Dan Morgan

A career in nursing is a stable career. We will always require healthcare. And although the roles can be demanding, a nurses salary starts at a comfortable rate and can climb as you progress with training or experience. In addition to experience the amount that nurses can earn varies according to factors, such as location and job title. A newly qualified fresh from university nurse will earn no less than £21,176 (2010/11). There is also an additional weighting for those working in inner and outer London. Inner London workers can receive up to an extra 20% while those who work in outer London can receive an extra 15%. There is also a fringe payment available.

As you progress and gain more experience you will move your way up the pay scale bands. More experienced nurses who have a management or consultant position can earn in excess of £50k per annum.

It is also worth noting that these figures are for nurses working within the NHS. Those working in private nursing / hospitals may well earn more.

Nurses Salary / Pay Grades

Wikipedia has published the following salaries for 2010/2011 but some private hospitals and clinics may pay more:

• Band 2: £13,653 – £16,753 • Band 3: £15,610 – £18,577 • Band 4: £18,152 – £21,798 • Band 5: £21,173 – £27,534 • Band 6: £25,472 – £34,189 • Band 7: £30,460 – £40,157 • Band 8a: £38,851 – £46,621 • Band 8b: £45,254 – £55,945 • Band 8c: £54,454 – £67,134 • Band 8d: £65,270 – £80,810 • Band 9: £77,079 – £97,478

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