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The Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities of a Plumber

Added on: April 29th, 2013 written by Dan Morgan

The Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities of a PlumberFor those who are practical, love to work with their hands, handy with tools, and great at problem solving, it may be a good career move to become a plumber. This is a trade that’s recession-proof and always will be.

Do you ever foresee us living without water in our homes?

  • Heating systems?
  • Dishwashers?
  • Toilets?

Okay, maybe we won’t all be relying on rainwater harvesting systems, but…

Water and heating are essential living aids, and when they break down, a plumber’s called to fix it. The trade itself is recession proof, but every plumber isn’t. You need to be good at problem solving, doing the work, time keeping and one of the most important life skills you must have, is a friendly approach, with great communication skills.

The best people in the trade are those that take a high degree of responsibility for the work they do, and get a great deal of job satisfaction, when they see the smile on the faces of homeowners, when their problem’s been rectified.

The roles of a plumber

Every day could see you on a different job. Unless of course, you’re working commercially doing pipe fitting, on a contract, and not serving residential customers.

Residential plumbing work will see you with a diverse range of plumbing jobs. From testing pipes for leaks, fixing leaking radiators, blocked sinks, kitchen, and bathroom installs, and sometimes even installing dishwashers.

So the need for flexibility is necessary, and you should expect to be doing physical labour, which will need you to be in good physical condition.

On commercial jobs, you’d mainly be working on construction sites, planning pipe layouts, deciding where they’ll be installed and then you’ll be fitting them. That can see you doing entire plumb jobs for kitchens, bathrooms, as well as the drainage systems.

The responsibilities of a plumber

Health and safety is the big one here, as you’ll be responsible for maintaining heating systems. That involves working with gas, so it’s not all about mending leaking pipes and unblocking sinks etc.

Heating systems use combinations of gas, water, and electric. A dangerous mix, so you need to work with care consistently. Monitoring the pressure and making adjustments as needed, until you’re sure that the systems safe for use.

You’ll also be working alone in most cases, so you will need to be competent at your job, deciding what needs done, when it needs done, and then you have to get it done.

Forget 9 – 5 working hours as well. Accidents happen any time, and so too can pipes spring a leak anytime. Granted you probably won’t be called up at 3 in the morning, to fix a blocked toilet, as it’s not an emergency, but when someone goes to the bathroom to find themselves stepping in a puddle of water, they won’t phone the fire brigade…they’ll phone a plumber to fix the problem.

Situations like that example, is where your services are considered by some, as an emergency service. It’s why almost every plumber offers a 24-hour local callout service. To serve those in need, at the precise time your services are needed.

Your services are relied on, so answering the call to say you’ll be there, then turning over and going back to sleep is a big no-no! You have to be ready at a beacons call to provide a service to customers when they need you.

That requires plumbers to have great people skills, to serve customers as best they can, during the day or the night.

For those with

  • The right attitude
  • A good approach to working with people
  • Communicating at a level they can understand

And most of all…

  • Fixing their problems, whatever the time is…

If you can identify with the above, then a career as a plumber could do you well.

It’s a job with variety, as you’ll have different jobs needing doing every day. If you fancy a longer-term contract, rather than day-to-day, you could focus on pipe fitting, and perhaps become a construction worker, taking care of all the plumbing tasks needing done on site.

There’s plenty of demand for plumbing services, so all that’s left for you to do is to decide which area you want meet the demand.

  • Will you be a Commercial plumber?
  • Emergency plumber?
  • Specialist plumber?

Or set yourself up as an independent trader, concentrating on meeting the needs of your neighbours, and being the neighbourhood hero when it comes to plumbing jobs that need doing.

The choice is yours, but the one thing that will always remain the same is the demand. Once you’ve done your training, and got the qualifications, you’re set up in a career for life. Just be sure to do a good job, and always work competently, establishing trust with each customer you come into contact with, and you’ll be enjoying a successful career, without the u-bends of periods of unemployment.

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