Carpenter Careers

Being a carpenter can be a very rewarding job if you are cut out for it. While you can train to become a carpenter some people find their way into the profession by practising and honing their skills in other ways. If you want to go into this line of work you should consider what you will need to do and what is involved with this job.

Become a Carpenter

What does a carpenter do?

A carpenter takes on all kinds of carpentry work, from helping to build certain parts of a house to making small wooden objects and pieces of furniture. In a new build they will handle both the first and second fixes. These involve fitting the joists in the roof and the wooden window frames if required, and also the other interior items such as skirting boards and other wooden structures inside the building.

Other carpenters make cupboards, furniture, chairs and tables, so you can see there is a lot to focus on when you are considering this job as a career. You might even specialise in one area over another if you find you have a particular affinity with it.

Carpenter Training

You may have heard that some carpenters have no proper qualifications to work in this field. This is probably true, since there is nothing to say that you need to have set qualifications in order to succeed as a carpenter. You can probably find just as many self employed carpenters with no qualifications as you can find those who do have them.

Carpenter Training

However this is not to say that carpenter training is unwarranted. You can learn a lot by going through a proper course on carpentry, and it can give you essential skills that will stay with you throughout your career. If you want to know more about carpenter training, there is some useful information below that may help.

If you do study a course, which ones are best?

City and Guilds have a good course in Basic Construction Skills; you can opt for the carpentry one that will give you an excellent grounding in this area. Another potential course that might be worth looking for is the CSkills Level 2 Diploma. This is in site carpentry so you will learn what is involved when you work as a carpenter on a construction site.

Can you get an apprenticeship to train while you are working as a carpenter?

Yes this is a possibility, so if you want to go down this route with your carpenter training, make sure you keep your eyes open for carpentry apprenticeships near you. Private firms have these available as well as larger firms that regularly take construction jobs.

Can you get work on building sites with the right training?

Yes you can, but you will need a recognised qualification in order to do this. A City and Guilds qualification will work fine and it will bring you one step closer to the CSCS card you will probably need to have. This card is the Construction Skills Certification Scheme card, and it basically shows employers that you are properly trained and a reputable worker. You will also need to go through an assessment on health and safety in order to succeed in getting your card.

Do you need proper training if you are setting up your own business?

No you don’t but you do need to prove your skills. This is easy to do if you make small cabinets or various items of wooden furniture, since you can show them off in your workshop. If you do decide to go through a training course you can frame the certificate to show everyone you have passed a recognised course and have qualifications to run your business.

It might help sway a few people into making the right decision in hiring you! As you can see there is a lot to think about when it comes to training to be a carpenter.

Some people are self taught and are equally as good as trained carpenters, but it all depends on how you see your future job opportunities panning out

Carpenter Jobs

Carpenter jobs are not ideal for everyone, even for those wanting to work in some area of the building trade. Carpentry is incredibly skilled and while you can learn those skills you will find that you fare better if you have a natural flair and passion for the work. Here are some pointers that may help you to decide whether you would be right for carpenter jobs.

Carpenter Jobs

Do you love working with wood?

This is pretty much a prerequisite to becoming a successful carpenter. The best carpenters all have a passion for working with wood to produce a fine end result – whether they are creating a door frame or a piece of furniture. Carpenters must be able to pick up a piece of plain wood and see what it can become. They need to be able to work with it in the right way so they can get the right outcome every time.

Are you very good at paying attention to detail?

The need to pay close attention to detail without losing concentration is vital if you are to succeed with a career in carpentry. We can all tell when an experienced carpenter has been at work, because the finished product will be superb. Every small detail has been taken care of, and if you want to be successful at getting a wide range of carpenter jobs you need to be this kind of person.

How good are you at maths?

You’ll need to be good and able to understand angles and fractions because these will come in handy when you are about to cut the right pieces of wood to fit a door frame, or to mitre in skirting boards to go into the corner of a room. In fact as you will see you will be using maths every single day when you are working as a carpenter. If you are not very good at maths or you didn’t get a GCSE in this subject, it would be wise to take this course before embarking on your carpentry training.

Do you love lots of activity?

Carpentry is not the kind of job where you will be sitting down all day. Indeed you will rarely get a chance to rest as most of the work is done standing up. You will also have to fetch and carry various materials.

If you aren’t very fit at the time you start working in this job you soon will be. You should also be prepared to work up ladders and on platforms, depending on the nature of the work at hand. This won’t apply if you have your own business making furniture, but if you work on a construction site it is very likely that you will indeed need a good head for heights.

As you can see there are lots of skills that are required when you start looking at various carpenter jobs.

Do you have what it takes to succeed in this highly skilled field?