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How to Become a Vet

Welcome to the ultimate resource site for those wishing to become a vet or find vet jobs. This website has been created to aid those who are considering undertaking verterinary training and those who are alreasy qualified and are looking for veterinary Jobs.

Why Become a Vet?

There are many good reasons to consider becoming a vet.  If you have passion for animal welfare then there is  no more rewarding career than becoming a veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse. Once qualified you can choose to treat domestic animals or specialise in a particular niche.

Vets are very well remunerated with the average wage of a newly qualified vet being in the range of £28k. Earnings rise drastically with experience. For those who crave higher earnings and more responsibility there is  potential of a six figure salary if you become a partner in a veterinary practice.

However, animal welfare not money is  the main motivation for most that enter this profession.

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How to Become a Vet

Within the United Kingdom only people who are fully qualified veterinary surgeons are able to provide treatment to animals (except for animal physiotherapy and manipulation techniques). To become a fully qualified vet you must first undertake a degree in veterinary science, which can take anywhere form 4 – 6 years.

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