3 Reasons Why Female Driving Instructors Are in High Demand

With a career as a driving instructor, there’s always going to be a need for your services, so provided you’re excellent with people and have the skills needed to become a driving instructor, you’re more than likely to be kept busy with new clients on a regular basis.

For female driving instructors though, there’s an even larger demand for your services, and there’s a few key reasons for this. All of which are explained below.

3 Reasons Why Female Driving Instructors Are in High Demand

The reasons for female driving instructors being in high demand

1)     Statistics show women are less risk than male drivers

Statistics show, and have done for a number of years, that female drivers are superior on the roads, with a lower accident rate. When it comes to insurance, this is where you have a real advantage with any career on the roads. National statistics indicate that men are more likely to take a risk on the road than women are.

Taking risky overtaking manoeuvres, or not watching their speed. Whether that’s to do with women being better at multitasking, than males, is a different story, and stands to cause a debate. For now though, the key message is that as a female driving instructor, you could find that you’re able to obtain cheaper insurance policies, which could give you an angle for either an increased salary, or the ability to maintain a super competitive package deal, to attract more clients onto your books.

2)     Women are more relaxed and work with empathy

For most new drivers, adapting to the roads is a super nervous experience and takes a while to get used to.

After all, it’s not all about positioning the vehicle into tight parking spots, remembering the MSM rule, (mirror, signal, manoeuvre,) or perfecting your clutch control. Learners often struggle with sheer fear of other drivers being on the road.

Having to keep an eye on the road in front of them, and keep an eye on the rear view mirror, to watch out for others overtaking. It’s not always learning to drive that’s a problem from learners…It’s rather more about conquering fears. For those who are nervous behind the wheel of a car, it’s going to take a lot longer to pass their driving test, which can prove to be costly as lessons are either paid for by the hour on in block bookings.

The best driving instructors are able to teach with empathy and understand the fears of their students.

Driving instructors who can provide a super relaxed learning experience and help keep students calm on the roads, when they’re first starting out, are able to obtain a much higher pass rate, which leads to further recommendations. Female driving instructors tend to be better at teaching with empathy and understanding the different styles of teaching required for students with fears of driving.

3)     Refresher courses are just as high in demand

Due to the above fact of female instructors, taking an empathetic approach to their teaching style, their services are often required for people who already hold a driving licence.

It’s not always about learning to drive, as there are situations that can lower a drivers self esteem, such as a road accident. When someone feels that an accident has been their fault, they can develop a fear of getting back behind the wheel. That can be problematic if their job requires them to use their own vehicle. In those situations, people will opt for a refresher course, and quite often, they’ll prefer to go with a female driving instructor, as students may feel more at ease with someone who can understand the fears they have, and be able to help them to overcome that fear.

Besides the reasons above, there’s also scope for women instructors to be involved in seminars, through support groups, such as the Driving Improvement Scheme where people will turn to after an accident for support to get back onto the roads.

It’s all about empathy and that’s a part that not every male driving instructor is able to adapt into their teaching style. It’s a people skill that would appear to be more prevalent in women driving instructors. While it isn’t always the case as male instructors can adapt to the same style of teaching and provide a relaxed learning experience to their students, there is a common consensus within society that female driving instructors are a better option for those with a fear of driving.