5 great reasons to become a bus driver

There are various reasons why you may be thinking of becoming a bus driver, we can think of a few. We have put together our top five reasons why we think that becoming a bus driver might just be the career you are looking for –

5 great reasons to become a bus driver

The job is flexible

you may find that you will work a morning shift with a long break in the middle before you work again in the afternoon. Or you may work a full shift instead of split, which ever suits you. In some cases you can also pick up extra hours, which will increase your pay but also be appealing to those people who do not like to conform to the 9am-5pm job.

Good benefits –

most employers offer great schemes such as health and life insurance, pensions, regular days off, and many more incentives. Again this will vary dependent on your employer but generally you are well looked after as and highly valued as a member of staff.

On the job training –

the training is all provided by your employer; therefore you will not have any out goings when it comes to your training which is another great incentive for working as a bus driver; as you may find with some careers that require specific training, that you may have to contribute to your training fees.

Opportunity to earn more –

within this job role there is always the potential to earn more money. This again is very appealing; there is always the chance to work over time.

You get to socialise –

this is a great job for meeting people. If you enjoy communicating with others then this is definitely the job for you. Not only will you work and build relationships with your colleagues but also the general public. Quite often on a journey you might find yourself greeting the same faces and building working relationships with them too.

 Now these were the top five reasons for becoming a bus driver but other things you should consider is if you also enjoy driving then this is ideal for you. It is also worth noting that this is not a career that requires you to have any formal qualifications so wouldn’t have to be put off of applying should you not hold a degree for example.

If you feel that you are a patient, hard working individual with great people skills then I cannot stress enough that this could be the career for you!