5 Key Components to Know for a Career as a Swimming Instructor

If you’re thinking of becoming a swimming instructor, you’re going to need more than your qualifications to get you into the field.

Of course, there are mandatory requirements for this field, such as being educated in emergency first aid, as well as being registered, but all that comes with time, and there’s no point in you taking the time to train up for the job, if you find you don’t have the patience of a saint to deal with the job pressures.

You need to know what you’re going into before undertaking relevant training, so go through the list of the 5 components below, as you will find you’ll need these qualities for when you get into the job.

5 Key Components to Know for a Career as a Swimming Instructor

The 5 Areas You Need Excel in as a Swimming Instructor

1) Motivation

For a start, you’re going to need to be a strong motivator. People are going to get tired in the water, as it can be quite intensive. If you go into professional coaching, for the athletic swimmers, this is one area you will need to excel in, to be able to push your students to be the best swimmer they can be.

2) Communication

In order to instruct and teach people about swimming techniques, you’re going to need excellent communication skills. You’ll need to be able to instruct your students in a manner they understand.

If you’re teaching at a beginner level, you need to speak in a language that’s understandable by your students. There’s no point in instructing people to do 2 laps using a butterfly technique and then a last one with a back stroke, if they’ve not yet learned to do the basic swimming techniques first.

You need to explain yourself clearly and communicate at the appropriate level that your students can understand.

3) Organisation

This is fundamental to your success in the field. You can’t take your students straight into the advanced swimming techniques, without teaching the basics first. This is going to need you to be organised and good at lesson planning.

Coming up with your own teaching style, which will take your students through the very basics first, with a lesson structure that will take them onto an advanced stage.

4) Perseverance

Patience is a necessary component of a swimming instructor. Without patience, you can eventually become a hindrance to your student’s success, rather than an excellent teacher. You need to remain calm and keep your students motivated to continually push themselves to achieve the best they can.

5) An ability to relax people

As with the above, about remaining calm and persevering with students as they learn to do the same swimming techniques, repeatedly, until they get it right, there will come times when your students eventually get frustrated about getting it wrong.

In these times, you’re going to have to spur them on to continually try, relax them, and motivate them to continue trying until they get it right.

The more stressed your student is in the water; the less likely they’re going to be able to pick up what you’re teaching. Therefore, you’re going to need to be able to relax people in some extremely challenging situations. The obvious factor that you are going to need above everything else, is of course an interest in swimming.

Without that passion, you’ll find it difficult to do any of the 5 components listed above.

Do you have what it takes to becoming a swimming instructor?

If you can identify with the above components needed, and have a keen interest in swimming, then you can and should go ahead and get started training to become a swimming instructor. Once you’re started you’ll be able to start teaching people to not only swim, but you can find yourself pursuing more challenging roles as a swimming coach for potential athletes.

When it comes to the Olympics, there’s go be no better feeling than knowing you’ve been the driving force behind your students preparing, attempting and possibly even achieving, gold, bronze, or silver medals. That’s the sort of job satisfaction you can get with a career as a swimming instructor.