5 Skills it Takes to be a Wildly Successful Web Developer

For those with the technical know-how and love to fiddle around with coding, you can make yourself a severely handsome salary off your skills.

The most money that’s to be had in the web development business is made by going self-employed and running your own business. For that, you are going to need to be great at marketing your service to business clients.

5 Skills it Takes to be a Wildly Successful Web Developer

The skills of a web developer are becoming in more demand, due to many businesses taking to the World Wide Web in an effort to keep up with consumer demand. With more people looking online for products and services, businesses are adapting to the need to establish their presence online, in order for their customers to find them, and do business with them, instead of their competitors.

The difference from local trade to online trading is that it takes the business to a possible global expansion, which is why savvy business owners will make a significant investment when they find a competent web developer, who shows they have the potential to boost the profits for their business. That’s why you will need to have the following skills to be able to make a wild success at web development and help businesses get the most out of doing business with you.

Note that you don’t have to go into business yourself, as there’s plenty of employment opportunities within existing IT consultancies for any type of IT work, and the remuneration packages can be quite attractive, for those with the experience needed for the higher paying vacancies.

The essential skills you’ll need as a competent web developer

1.     Proficiency in your programming implementation

When you’re hired or assigned a project to develop, you need to be proficient in how you implement the coding. The least error in a program script can disrupt how a website performs. It can be the difference between it displaying to potential new customers, or displaying an access denied page.

Clients pay for your expertise and often there are upfront fees involved. When that happens, there are deadline dates in place, so the client knows when they’re due to have their business online, or any site upgrades in place, so they can announce that to customers. When a web developer gets the programming wrong, it reflects poorly on the client.

Since your work is going to be B2B (business to business), a lot of the work is going to come from word of mouth marketing.

Do a poor development project for one client and word can spread fast about the quality of service. Likewise, proficiency in program implementation will get you more referrals and increase your service demand. Whether you’re in business for yourself, or working for an employer, more business gives you leverage for a higher pay, or if you work for yourself, you will earn more anyway, without having to negotiate for a higher salary.

2.     Knowledge of interactive coding, design and making a site user friendly

Interactive coding is something that gives a web developer the edge when it comes to design implementation.

Developing a website that lets users take part in discussions, leave their feedback easily, rate the services delivered and perhaps even share some of the services to others for increased marketing online, are all key skills that go an extremely long way in delivering a high quality service to your clients.

The more their customers enjoy using the website you develop for them, the more people will return to that company to do business with again.

3.     Ability to work with clients plans and turn their ideas into a creative website design

When you’re working within a larger organisation, you may have a web designer to work with on the project, taking the design burden off your shoulders, leaving you to worry about the coding part of the project, without the added hassle of design on top of development issues. If you don’t have a designer to work with, then you will need to be able to work with clients and get an idea of how they would like their website to look.

Not many people will come to you and give you free reign on the design. They’ll have their brand, company logo, corporate message or even the branded colour schemes already implemented in their offline marketing. These are integral components that you need to understand and work with your client, so that they can give you the ideas that they have, and you can take those ideas and turn them into a creative design project.

You will use your knowledge and put an actionable plan of action together, in order to meet the needs of each of your clients.

4.     Ability to solve problems

In the web development business, you are going to experience some technical glitches on most of your projects. Structuring websites takes a great deal of programming to enhance the user experience.

The more things the site is being programmed to do, the more of a chance there’s going to be a glitch props up. It’s finding those glitches that can be time consuming. Being able to go through the coding and solve the problems causing the glitches is going to be the difference between correcting a problem or having to redevelop it.

The latter is going to be expensive as it will be time consuming.

5.     Commitment to stay updated with technology developments

Within the web development business there are continuous developments happening all the time. New software is development which you will need to stay on top of, so you can serve the best service to your clients, keeping their websites up to date with the latest in software development.

Your clients are going to rely on your expertise to keep their website performing better than their competitors do. Online business is highly competitive.

Businesses will rely on their web developers to keep them ahead of the rest, maintaining their website and continually ensuring that it’s as user friendly for their customers as it possibly can be. With the above 5 skills, you’ll be well on your way to serving existing organisations and potentially your own clients as well, with a superior web development service.

The more experience you gain in the industry, and continually stay up to date with the latest in technology, and able to implement your skills, the more you’ll be able progress, and increase your salary along the way.