5 Skills You Need to Become a Project Manager in the UK

Now that the UK\’s economic recovery is in full swing, the need for project managers is on the rise. Once you\’ve undergone your training, you should find that there\’s a multitude of jobs available to you. However, before this process can even begin, you need to determine whether you have the skills needed to become a project manager in the UK in the first place.

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Organisational Skills

The main reason companies hire project managers is to have someone organize their projects. It therefore stands to reason that you need to be an organized person to succeed. Part of staying organized includes adopting the ability to delegate tasks. This means checking on the quality of the work that\’s underway, finding ways to ensure the project stays on track, and managing the activities of others.

Excellent Communication

If you can\’t communicate clearly with a range of people from different backgrounds, you\’re not going to get very far as a project manager. First, you need to be able to communicate with those you\’re managing. This means giving clear instructions, and making sure they\’ve understood what they\’ve been told. Second, you need to be able to communicate with those above you, which usually means senior project managers. Finally, you have to communicate with contractors. Communication isn\’t just about the messages you convey, you also need to listen carefully. As such, your listening skills need to be pretty good.


All good leaders need to be able to act with integrity. This means approaching tasks with an ethical viewpoint, and setting a good example to others. Before you begin managing a project, you need to set good ethical standards for yourself. Once you\’ve set them, you need to live by them. As a result, others should follow. One of the simplest ways to ensure you\’re always acting with integrity is to work honestly. If you\’re honest with those who are working for you, there\’s a stronger chance that they\’ll be honest with you in return. Because of this, you\’ll be able to identify issues in a timely manner.


Think back to all the people who have led you in your lifetime. If any of them were negative, the chances are you weren\’t very keen to follow them. When you have the ability to be an enthusiastic leader, your team is more likely to take direction from you. As an enthusiastic leader, you need to be able to set goals and give your team reasons for why they can do them. An unenthusiastic leader might set such goals, then place negative mental barriers in front of their team by giving them reasons for why they can\’t do them. Because enthusiasm is infectious, it should translate to the rest of your team.

The Ability to Stay Cool Under Pressure

If you expect to go into project management and see everything happen on time with no mistakes, you might be focusing on the wrong career. In project management, things go wrong. Even worse, they go wrong at very inconvenient moments. When this happens, you need to keep your cool, because if you don\’t everyone else will fall to pieces. Not being able to keep your cool is also a waste of time. When you panic, you can\’t see things clearly. If your head is in the right place, you\’ll be able to find solutions faster. If something stressful happens, you need to be able to find a way out of it. Even if you\’re panicking on the inside, the idea is to not let your team see you sweat.