5 things you really need to know about how to do a customer service job

There are particular things that you ought to know about the role of a customer service worker. We have put together five points that we feel are important in carrying out the role successfully and by doing this you should be able to ensure that you serve your customers effectively –

5 things you really need to know about how to do a customer service job


1. Always be prepared in this job role

You are dealing with the general public and they are looking to you as a customer service worker for the answers and solutions. There is nothing worse for a customer when they realise they are talking to someone who does not seem competent in their work and is not really ready to take their call. Stay on top of the situations as they arise.

2. Know the value of a customer’s time

There’s nothing worse than a customer having to be out on hold for longer than they were expecting. If you are dealing with a request that may take longer than a few minutes then let the customer know this, and offer to phone them back if they would rather. Be aware that the customer wants a reasonably quick resolution.

3. Remain polite at all times

Don’t let the customer at the end of the phone pick up on the fact that you might not be having a great day. You can do this by remaining professional at all times and focus on the customer.

4. Always try and be honest

Never promise the customer something that you know will not be possible. Your customers would much rather you were up front and honest with them rather than feeding the false information.

5. Be positive

You need to be able to maintain a positive attitude no matter how angry the customer may be at the end of the phone. The likeliness is that they have good reason to be upset, so respect their opinions and do your best to rectify the situation.

These five points are designed to give you an insight into the kind of skills that you will need to have in order to carry out this job role efficiently. This is a hard job and at times it can be repetitive but if you can maintain some of the skills above then you will be well on your way to providing great customer satisfaction!