6 Skills You Will Need to be a Flight Attendant

If you love to work with people and enjoy touring the world, then a career as a flight attendant may be just the choice for you. To be able to make a success in this career, there’s some essential skills you’ll need to get you by when you’re in the sky.

It’s not all about making sure passengers are seated for taking off, waving your arms to signal the emergency exits, then serving some complimentary beverages, during the course of the flights. Situations will arise when you least expect it, and to deal with any situation, you need to be prepared with the right mindset and the skills to deal with whatever the job throws your way.

6 Skills You Will Need to be a Flight Attendant

The essential skills needed to be a flight attendant

1.     Being friendly and confident

Passengers are the lifeline of airlines, so they need to have a great flying experience wherever they go, and it’s the flight attendants that make their trip all that more comfortable. The higher the customer service standards are, the more likely that passengers will use the same airline again, for their next trip.

Aviation is a competitive industry, and with only around 30 major budget airlines flying out of British airports, it’s of the utmost important that flight attendants are extremely confident in their abilities, approachable and maintain a friendly and courteous manner at all times, when dealing with customers.

2.     Be able to act discretely

When you’re in the air, you never what the trip is going to entail. Your first aid skills could be called upon at any time, and it’s not always possible to land in the nearest airport, for emergency service assistance. When you’re in the air, passenger safety is crucial.

Anyone can take ill at any time, and should the worst happen, you’ll have to control the atmosphere on board the plane. Even in situations when there may be a technical fault on the plane, you have to remain calm while keeping all the passengers calm, and informed at the same time.

You have to notify any incidents that could involve emergency protocol being put into action, without causing a panic.

3.     Ability to be polite whilst being firm dealing with unruly passengers

When you’re working through the summer holidays, there’s every chance that you’ll experience some rowdy passengers. Club 18 – 30 holidays in particular, when students and partygoers are heading off on holiday for a week or a fortnight of partying.

Some people will start consuming alcohol before they board the flight, as the holiday begins on route to the airport. Passengers may be refused to fly, if it’s deemed they’ve had too much alcohol, but oftentimes it’s the onboard beverages that can take people to that stage of having too much.

If that happens, people can get boisterous, and as the flight attendant, you have to control that behaviour, to make it a pleasant journey for all the other passengers on the flight as well.

4.     Be clearly spoken for passengers to understand you

Before the flight takes off, you’re required to give an emergency procedure demonstration to passengers, so that they’re aware of the emergency landing positions, oxygen mask locations, fire exits, and life jackets. To be certain everyone understands you, you’re going to need to be clearly spoken and make sure that everyone on board can hear what you’re saying too.

5.     An empathetic approach to settle passengers with a fear of flying

A major phobia some people have is a fear of flying. When you have a passenger on board taking a trip abroad, they may feel okay before the flight and then their nerves will go, prior to take off. As the flight attendant, you have to be able to speak calmly in these situations, assuring the person that everything is under control, and needless to say, careful selection of words in these circumstances is crucial. The better and faster you can calm someone down, the better the captain is able to stick to the time schedule and get the plane in the air, knowing all passengers are ready for takeoff, and there’s not going to be a scene on board.

6.     Good mathematical skills for cash handling, including dealing with foreign currencies

When you’re travelling around the world, there’s a great deal of currencies going to be used. You’ll have to know about them so you can give the correct change to each passenger when they’re purchasing snacks and beverages from the trolley.

Dealing with foreign currencies can be difficult for many, and if you work out quick sums in your head, using percentages, then that’s a skill that will serve you well, catering to customers.

Do you have the skills to be able to make it as a flight attendant?

The above six skills mentioned above are what it will require to make a successful career as a flight attendant.

On top of the skills, you’re also going to be extremely flexible to the hours of work required of you. You will be working long hours and doing shift work too. The job can be extremely demanding, however as the flight attendant, getting to travel is just an additional benefit.

The real satisfaction is knowing that you’re contributing to the success of people’s holidays, and there will be times when some of your passengers are on the holiday of their lifetime. You’re one of the people who will be contributing to how special that break is for the people you’re attending too.

The skills outlined are what is required to add to that special moment in someone’s life, as they travel the world, with you catering to them and ensuring everything is as pleasant as possible for them.