7 Awesome Reasons to Become a Web Designer

Given the ups and downs in the recent economy, many people are looking for new career options, whether they’re just starting in the workforce or making a transition to a new job. Others are seeking to expand their skills, giving them better opportunities or even a solid, secondary career.

Increasingly, in situations like these, people are turning to the constantly expanding technology sector. As technology and access to the Internet pervades nearly every aspect of our lives, it’s a logical choice. Web design, in particular, is becoming a popular career choice. If you’re considering a change, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider becoming a web designer:

7 Awesome Reasons to Become a Web Designer

1.The industry is constantly expanding

Businesses, individuals and organizations know that having a strong online presence is key to their success and growth. Not only are they seeking to have websites created in greater numbers than ever, but many are looking to improve on their existing sites as technology and design continually changes and improves.

Websites are the new faces of brands, and well-designed sites are portals to companies, whether they offer information or the ability to buy products or services. Best of all, they can be controlled by the people or organisations they represent, allowing them to craft their own, unique image.

All this adds up to increased demand for highly skilled, creative designers.

2.You can learn it on your own terms

While some people choose to attend university courses, many web designers go their own route. There is no rule stating that you must receive a formal education to forge a successful career as a web designer, unlike becoming a lawyer or a teacher.

It’s really as simple as picking up a few books or signing into a free coding instruction website and practicing until you’re capable enough to offer your skills to others. Hone your talents and start showing off what you can do to market your own abilities.

Whether it takes you five months or five years is up to you, and you can study at any time of day or night, around your current schedule.

3. You can make a real difference to your clients

Increasingly, web presence is a determining factor in a business’s success.

An unprofessional one, with outdated design, dead links or poor search engine optimization can detract from what they do, represent them poorly, not contribute to their sales and even bring them down.

An outstanding online presence, however, can improve the public’s perception of a company, get them noticed by potential new clients or business partners, result in them being taken more seriously and of course increase their sales.

4. Web design is exciting

Yes, it really can be! If you are creative, pay attention to detail and have an eye for design as well as an aptitude for developing great user experiences, there is no limit to what you can do. Each client, their needs and their business is different – therefore, so is each site you build.

As a web designer, the features you can create for your clients are typically only limited by your own ability and imagination, offering outstanding opportunities to constantly create something new and little to no time to get bored.

5. It’s a great conversation starter

Regardless of whom you meet, once you tell someone you’re a web designer they’ll likely have questions. Some folks will assume you’re a “geek”, while others will understand you’re creative and technologically savvy. However, many people still won’t really understand what you do, and that air of mystery often prompts conversation – which can also result in gaining new clients! And on the off chance you meet a fellow designer or code enthusiast, you’ll always have something to chat about.

6. You can start whatever business you want

It’s true! If you can code a professional quality website, you can take any other business ideas you may have and give them a successful online presence.

Having a top-quality website right from the start will set you apart from many of your competitors, meaning you can have multiple sources of income, from your design business as well as whatever else you decide to take up, created by those skills you already possess.

7. You can be your own boss

Other than meeting client deadlines and working within the project parameters you and your clients establish together, the rest of it is up to you. While some web designers work for larger firms, that often provide marketing and other related business solutions, many freelance or are otherwise self-employed.

Those “flying solo” love the flexibility and earning potential it offers. While being your boss requires significant discipline, consistency and effort, it can also be very rewarding. For those not keen on working Monday to Friday in a traditional office environment, freelance website design provides the flexibility and adaptability not often found in other careers.

These seven reasons are just the basics of why it might be a great idea for you to become a web designer.

If you get out there and talk to people already working in the field, it’s likely they’ll give you many more answers on what attracted them to it and keeps them going each day!