Who Are We?

Welcome to New Skills Academy – Part of the Be-a Education Family

In November of 2013, a single question was asked:‘What do you want to learn?’ From there, a vision was born of comprehensive, high quality, and affordable online course availability. The name behind that vision was New Skills Academy.

When it comes to online schools, there are plenty, but at New Skills Academy we distinguish ourselves amongst the competition with our dedication to your long-term goals.

If you are entering a job market for the first time, or seeking a new career, we will provide you with the fast and efficient online support you need to make your dreams a reality.

Our expertly designed courses, detailed lesson plans and student testimonials all attest to the fact that we take great pride in our course offerings and provide only the best for our students.

Whether you are studying retail banking, dog grooming or even our cupcake academy, New Skills Academy has the tools you need to advance as a professional in your chosen profession.

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Freedom to Study

Offering a broad range of course options is a good start, but we envisioned so much more for our students. We take great pride in offering our students the ability to study anytime, anywhere, and it is our belief that an award winning business would settle for nothing less.

Often, people dream of pursuing a degree or certification but never find the time to follow through. We know life gets busy, which is why our customers can take our courses online from anywhere while still working. Students can access our courses from a PC, mobile phone or tablet; this means you can learn anywhere you go.

Once students access our courses, they are offered up to date subject information for a lifetime!


Our students’ reputation matters, which is why all of our online courses have been reviewed and certified in partnership with qualified industry experts. For added security and peace of mind, all of our courses have been approved by IVCAS and CPD. We welcome these reviews because we believe in our students, their interests, and ability to pursue and learn any new skill they may desire along the way.


In 2016 we were honoured with one of the UK’s highest profile awards, the Best Business Award. This high-profile accolade is bestowed upon dynamic, innovative businesses who pride themselves on providing quality in everything they do.

The Best Business Award judges said it all…

Be-a Education has introduced affordable, high quality online courses that, in only three years, have helped more than 30,000 people all over the world gain new professional qualifications.

Through its New Skills Academy, the company offers more than 140 different professional courses certified by experts in 22 different categories. Education has the power to change lives and having access to an anywhere, anyplace, anytime academy is an easy way for people to learn at their own pace.

Congratulations to Be-a Education for giving people access to a flexible modern way of learning and a better future.

Award Winner

Student Testimonials

Amazing course with so much detail. All the modules are easy to read and flow from one subject to the next. It was really easy to enrol on the course, too, and I received my login information the same day that I enrolled. I would recommend the course to anyone wishing to pursue a course in floristry.

Stacey Garside

This course has been such a great help in my new career path as a PA. When I was job hunting before, I was having no luck, however, now I have interest daily for PA roles all because of my new qualification. Easy to use, at my own pace. Thanks!

Natasha Brinn

Brilliant course. As a busy, working mum this course gave a chance to change my career but it also gave me a chance to study in my own free time. Very easy wording, education videos, important information you can’t find online. The help from assistants is great. The minute I contacted them with a question they always responded very quickly and professionally.

Monica Carter

If you’re looking for a refresher or a new career, then this is a fantastic site for courses. This is the second course I’ve done on this site and they are very in depth and I’ve learnt so much. Very pleased. Would highly recommend.

Tammy Jarrett

Key Personnel


Chris Morgan


Chris has been active in the fields of recruitment and online education for the past 12 years and was recently honoured with an Outstanding Personal Achievement Award by the Best Business Awards. The judges recognised Chris for his entrepreneurial spirit, determination, and his business acumen.


Dan Morgan

-Owner / Head Tutor-

Co-Owner, Dan Morgan has a passion for education, which shines in everything that he does from tutoring, to career support.



-Head Content Strategist-

Our hardworking strategist Selena has a passion for creating new courses. Thanks to her background in IT, she understands the importance of making online learning available at affordable prices.



-Client Relationship Manager-

Hannah’s outgoing personality makes her the perfect client relationship manager. She is dedicated to pleasing customers, and has a long-standing background in customer and client relationships.



-Senior Support Assistant-

Jasmin has a customer-focused, bubbly, and outgoing personality that our students and customers love.



-Senior Content Manager-

With over 30 years’ experience in graphic design, our senior content manager, David puts a unique and creative flair on everything he touches.



-Senior Account Manager-

Lisa is a dedicated asset to our team, she is also great with numbers and finances.



-IT Director-

Our resident IT nerd Adrian knows everything there is to know about the software, in fact, what he doesn’t know about computing isn’t worth knowing.




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