Marketing Executive Careers

Before you decide to become a marketing executive, you should know the specifics about what’s involved. For the training part, you will have to go through some intensive marketing training, in order to gain the relevant qualifications for your profession. Marketing is a profession and there’s many a position you can apply for, given you have the relevant training and/or experience. Experience in a sales environment is enough to become a junior marketing executive. However, you’ll find that you’ll be required to undergo some on the job training, towards a recognised qualification in the marketing profession.

Become a Marketing Executive

The skills needed for a career in marketing at any level

  • Excel in written and verbal communication
  • Be a creative thinker
  • Have excellent organisational skills
  • Work well within a team
  • Have the ability to work well under-pressure and meet specified deadlines
  • Be confident in your ability to “sell”
  • Have attention to detail, especially for the research part of the job
  • Be business minded and good mathematical abilities to work within an allocated marketing budget

The main skill a marketing executive is going to need is the drive and motivation to succeed, stand out above the rest, putting your ideas forth in a confident manner, and gradually climb the career ladder.

To get the best paying jobs, you’ll find yourself working at various positions, until you have the experience to apply for the top paying jobs, as a marketing executive, where you’ll be given the maximum responsibility of handling a large marketing budget, and be responsible for getting the most Return On Investment (ROI) for your employers.

Above all, you’ll need to identify the best qualities of a company’s service or product and be confident in the approach you take to educate consumers and drive the sales volume for any company you work with.

Marketing Executive Training

What training do you need to become a marketing executive?

To become a marketing executive, there’s a few different training courses you can undertake, to get you into higher paying positions. No formal qualifications are required to ascertain marketing executive jobs, as company’s often look for previous experience.

In order to gain the best chances of employment though, it’s best to showcase your expertise for positions as a marketing executive, by undergoing relevant training courses.

Marketing Executive Training Options

1) On the job training

It is possible to get into jobs and be given the necessary training, to become a marketing executive. The reason is simply that companies may prefer to teach their own style of marketing and have their staff approach their target audience in a specific and proven way that works for them. Some larger company’s may also advertise for a junior marketing executive, where you’ll be shown the ropes and given your expectations, which may also include working towards a relevant qualification in marketing. For entry-level positions, you can expect a salary around £15’000 per annum. This is why people with a keen interest in marketing will study towards relevant qualifications, which will get them into marketing executive jobs, with a higher paying salary. Sometimes upwards of £25K.

Marketing Executive

2) BTEC – Business and Technology Education Council

The BTEC qualifications are recognized throughout the UK, and around 100 other countries. So if you plan to take your career farther afield, this may be the qualification for you. These are offered through the Edexcel exam board and range from entry-level BTEC certificates in marketing, to postgraduate Diplomas in marketing and communications. For most courses, applicants will need to progress from entry level, through the different levels of certification, and then onto the postgraduate diploma BTEC qualifications, recognised globally.

3) CIM Certification – Chartered Institute of Marketing

To become CIM certified in marketing, you can do this part or full-time through local colleges, or you can study towards your qualifications through distance learning. The 3 most popular CIM courses for marketing are: • CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing • CIM Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing • CIM Chartered Diploma in Marketing Each of the courses will take you through the various levels involved with marketing. You’ll learn about direct mail campaigns, market research, communications, advertising, and management.

4) CAM Certification – The Communications Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation

CAM qualifications are also recognised as professional qualifications helping you to become a marketing executive. Similar to the CIM certification, your training covers every aspect of running a successful marketing campaign, by first identifying with your employers target audience and then taking a creative and innovative approach to communicate with consumers the product, or service your employer has to offer.

5) IDM Certification- The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing

As more businesses are shifting online, it may be an idea to distinguish yourself as an online/digital marketing executive. You can do this by studying towards an IDM certificate, which will take you through all the elements of the modern era of digital marketing, where you’ll learn to embrace a multitude of marketing areas online, including social media integration.

Which training is right for you?

As you can see from the list of training resources above, there’s plenty of avenues you can explore to become a marketing executive.

The more training you have, and/or experience in a relevant sales position, the higher a salary you’ll be able to demand.

The reason for this is simply that the job role of a marketing executive involves:

  • Leading and branding of a company
  • Identifying a target audience
  • Communicate efficiently with that audience
  • Drive sales of products and services, generating revenue for employers

The more efficiently you can do that, the more valuable you are to your employer. Every business has a product or service to offer.

The better a marketing executive a company has, the more revenue they can make. The driving force for a good sales team, involves recruiting an expert marketing executive, to manage, motivate and innovate, when it comes to the marketing of the services and products of a company. Gaining industry recognised qualifications is one of the best ways you can highlight your value and expertise to employers.

The Marketing Executive Jobs

Marketing executive jobs come in 2 different types. On one side, you could be directly responsible for the management of a company’s sales and marketing division, whilst on the other side; you could be involved in an agency environment, multi-tasking between various clients and/or responsible for account handling.

Marketing Executive Jobs

Exploring the different types of marketing executive jobs

Marketing executive job description

This will vary dependent on the size of the organisation. The larger firms will have a sales force, where the role of the marketing executive will be to manage a sales team, monitor advertising campaigns, including staying within the allocated marketing budget. For this role, you’ll need to possess good communication skills in a team environment.

Engaging with your colleagues and delegating different tasks. Often these roles are fulfilled internally, as companies will prefer to have firsthand knowledge of your expertise, to weigh up the perfect candidate for the job role.

Product Manager

As a product manager, you’ll be responsible for identifying with the target audience the product is designed to cater to, and tailor your marketing approach to a specific segment of the market.

You can also find some companies who have a larger stock inventory, will offer higher paying salaries, in line with the job role. You’ll be responsible for the promotional events across a line of products, ensuring that the company sells the most units, and continually grows their sales volume.

As a product manager, you’ll have to work well within a team and be good at communicating with your target audience as well other marketing agencies, as you may need to convey your advertising message to radio broadcasters and magazine editors, to ensure the company’s marketing message is conveyed to the target audience in the best way possible. For this role, you’ll also find a set budget is often allocated, so you’ll need to have good negotiating skills too.

Media buyer

There are times when companies advertise a lot that they may need to bring in the services of a media buyer. This will be to buy advertising space in newspapers, magazines, radio advertisements, and perhaps even television adverts, depending on the budget your employer has.

In the modern age of digital advertising, a working knowledge of online advertising may be required to run PPC campaigns and purchase advertising slots on particular websites, gaining exposure to your target demographic audience.

Head of marketing

The head of the marketing dept. may also be titled as the sales manager. Responsible for managing a team of sales people, leading them in creativity and brainstorming together to come up with a marketing plan, maintain that within the companies budget and generate the most revenue possible per marketing campaign. This is the most senior position you can accomplish when you become a marketing executive, and it will challenge your abilities to the max, however there is a great deal of job satisfaction when you see the results unfold, knowing that you’ve been responsible for a successful marketing campaign.

Agency marketing executive jobs

On the agency side, you aren’t dealing with the needs of one client at a time. You’ll be responsible for marketing a range of products and services, as well as the management of accounts.

The different roles can be:

  • Advertising Accounts Handler

As an advertising accounts handler, in an agency setting, you’ll be allocated the budgets of each individual client the agency has for their varying clients. You’ll be responsible for getting the most exposure for each client, with the budget allocated to you. You will find this role challenging, as you’ll need to be extremely creative and an excellent team player. You’ll need to work with a team of creative individuals to brainstorm and plan different marketing campaigns, in line with what each client has the budget for.

  • Market research analyst

The larger an agency is, the broader their spectrum is for their research team. One of the more fun sides of marketing is the research stage, where you need to identify the hot spots with target audiences, and then come up with creative ideas on how you’re going to reach that audience to educate the market on each client’s products or service. You’ll need to be able to diversify with a range of audiences, as your products and services will range from one audience to the next. Identifying key areas to market to are fundamental to a successful PR campaign, and the majority of that work relies on the market research analyst.

  • PR

The PR industry is also perfect for those with qualifications tailored towards marketing executive type jobs. You’re responsible directly for generating buzz in the industry and branding a business. PR jobs don’t pay as high as a marketing executive does, however it will count as relevant industry experience to expand your career further.

It’s ideal for those starting out in the career. When you work towards industry recognized marketing executive qualifications, you’ll find yourself suitable for an array of jobs. Every business needs exposure to their target audience and when you work in any type of marketing role, it’s your job to educate consumers about the product(s) or services offered by your employer. With the right attitude and determination to succeed in  highly competitive field, you will certainly find job satisfaction in marketing, as you’ll see the fruits of your labour unfold, as the company sales increase as a result of your expertise.