Recruitment Consultant Careers

A Recruitment Consultant’s aim is to attract the appropriate candidates in order to match them to either a temporary or permanent position. There are recruitment consultants that specialise in particular sectors such as NHS, IT or Retail for example. The consultants may find themselves placing candidates for various roles from entry level to Executives and even Directors.

Become a Recruitment Consultant

What does a recruitment consultant do?

The Recruitment Consultants role is both demanding and quite diverse, you will need to have excellent communication skills, be good at sales, get involved in business development and have the knowledge to prepare CV’s to name just a few of the tasks involved in this role.

Recruitment Consultant Training

When you first start in recruitment you will begin as a Trainee, more than likely you will have on the job training. You are likely to have to shadow another member of staff which will allow you to learn as you work. You are likely to carry out the agencies specific induction training which might consist of short courses looking in some detail at the specific areas relevant to the industry and the sector you will be working in.

What topics will the short courses contain?

The topics covered in these short courses may include – Employment Law, Business planning, Interview skills, head hunting and so on. All these areas are essential to helping you become a successful Recruitment Consultant. You are also likely to have some in-house training with regards to your particular sector, which might be anything from Marketing to NHS, IT, Retail, Teaching and so on.

Are there any professional qualifications for recruitment consultants?

You may also get the opportunity to study for professional qualifications which are designed specifically to help you progress through the Recruitment Industry.

These courses are available through the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) and the CIPD (Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development) in collaboration with Middlesex University Business School. The courses will gain you three nationally recognised professional qualifications. By the end of the first course you will receive a certificate in recruitment practise; this is an excellent course to take if you are new to recruitment with very little work experience.

Another course on offer is The Foundation award (Fda) in recruitment practise. This is a specialist qualification one which will be a very useful course if you are going to be finding, assessing and ultimately selecting candidates for job roles. You would also be eligible to access year two of the degree in recruitment if you hold the Foundation award.

Your final stage of professional training would result in you completing the degree in Recruitment practise which can be completed through open learning.

Are professional qualifications essential if you wish to become a recruitment consultant?

It is important to mention that these professional qualifications are not essential in becoming a Recruitment Consultant but they will allow you access to a better understanding of professional practise which can be very useful in the long term.

Whichever training becomes on offer to you, we would advise you to take it as it is very important to keep your knowledge up to date so that you can demonstrate professionalism both to your clients and to your colleagues.

Recruitment Consultant Jobs

The Recruitment Industry continues to grow and continues to maintain its lucrative reputation. Whether you are looking for employment as a trainee or graduate, or an experienced consultant there are plenty of job opportunities for you all.

The range of employers is huge with job opportunities both at nationally and internationally based recruitment agencies. Larger consultancies tend to have branches Worldwide covering a variety of sectors, for example; finance, marketing, secretarial etc.

A medium size consultancy tends to have offices nationwide, with the smaller agencies generally working from the one office as they are providing a service for the local businesses/employers.

No matter which agency you work for be sure to have a challenging and very busy career with options for career development and we shall look at some of the posts on offer in the recruitment Industry.

Trainee Recruitment Consultant

When you begin your career as a recruitment consultant you will start as a Trainee receiving on the job training. You are likely to be given sales targets for your first three months and your progress will be evaluated and dependent on your achievements.

Throughout these first three months you will continue to have training and receive mentoring.

The starting salary for a Trainee is typically a basic of £14,000 to £20,000 with any commission earned on top of that.

Senior Recruitment Consultant

This is a professional who works to coordinate the selection process of hiring employees.

Their main job is to assess, screen and interview possible candidates on before of their clients. The senior title tends to represent those consultants who have had several years work experience in the recruitment industry. The average basic salary before commission for this role tends to be £26,000 increasing to £32,000 the more experienced you become.

Account Manager

This position would not usually become available without at least four years work experience, that is four years of successful recruitment consulting.  Progression to this job role will require you to have enhanced communication and people management skills.

You will need to display financial ability also but ultimately to get to this level your skills need to begin in consultancy. In reaching this point in your career you can expect to earn a minimum of £40,000 basic salary.

Don’t forget that with any of the positions mentioned above there are always opportunities to earn more money. But you need to be prepared to work long hours and sometimes under pressure; but the thing to remember about this job is that the harder you work and the smarter you are with it the more money you can earn and thus progress in your career!