Ambulance Courses

Are you looking for up to date details on ambulance courses? Well hopefully the following information will give you a better understanding of what’s available.

Deciding on a career working for the NHS emergency services in the UK can be an exciting and excellent career choice. There are quite a few courses available depending on your age, qualifications and what particular role you feel suits you best.

Ambulance Courses

What ambulance courses are available?

If you want to get involved in the frontline of the emergency services and be part of an ambulance crew then, there are normally two choices open to participants in the UK.

The first choice is in training to become an emergency care assistant or ECA for short and involves attending accident and emergency situations and using your skills in the safe manoeuvre of patients and liaising with other ambulance crew members.

The second choice involves training to become a paramedic. This is a more serious role and involves operating various pieces of emergency equipment, administering oxygen when appropriate and providing assistance and providing detailed reports of the patient to nurses and doctors waiting for your arrival at the accident and emergency department.

Paramedics have the option of further training and if they wish to advance their careers and become an emergency care practitioner or ECP which allows you much more responsibility for treatments to illnesses and injuries.

Depending on what level you enter the qualifications needed will vary. As an ambulance crew member, you’ll be expected to have a good standard of education and be reasonably articulate, as you’ll be dealing with other members of the emergency services (like the fire brigade and the police) at one end.

Once you have finished at the scene of the emergency of the you’ll be liaising with medical professionals like doctors and nurses. Being literate is another requirement with the NHS emergency services, as you’ll be filling out paperwork on a daily basis and therefore having the ability to write out a detailed and structured report is essential.