Ambulance Service Jobs

Are you looking for relevant information on ambulance service jobs? Well hopefully the following details will give you a better indication of what to expect.

Being involved with the emergency services is a worthwhile and rewarding job, as not only will you be offering valuable assistance to your colleagues, but you can also be involved in saving someone’s life.

Ambulance Service Jobs

What type of ambulance service jobs are there?

Working with the NHS in the UK there are normally three roles which apply to the crew of an ambulance.

Ambulance Srvice Jobs – Emergency Care Assistant

The emergency care assistant or ECA is trained in all aspects of an emergency situation and includes safely moving patients with the required due care and attention, offering support to the trained paramedic and also includes driving vehicles on emergency situations.

Ambulance Service Jobs – Paramedic

The paramedic has a more complex role and is normally the first to arrive at the scene of a serious accident. They use various different types of medical equipment at the scene and also administer drugs and oxygen if required.

Ambulance Service Jobs – Emergency practitioner

There is also the opportunity tp progress from being a paramedic to becoming an emergency care practitioner or ECP which allows you to provide a more thorough analysis of the injuries and also to treat some minor injuries.

For any job within the NHS emergency services in the UK you will be required not only have a good standard of education in order to participate in one of the related courses at either university or an in house NHS establishment, but it’s also very important to have a strong stomach and be able to hold your nerve due to the nature of the work. This should be factored in to your decision making.

Working in any of the previously mentioned ambulance service jobs in the UK is a challenge. Despite this they can be fulfilling for the right person. The level of pay for ambulance service jobs normally starts of at approximately £16k + shift allowance for an emergency care asssistant or ECA .

Pay can easily reach £28k – £35k for the more experienced and qualified emergency care practitioner or ECP.