Architect Courses

If you want to become an architect you will need to attend a number of architect courses. You must be properly qualified in order to practice as an architect, and the whole process will take about seven years to complete.

An essential part of this process is gaining the university qualifications that are required in order to take on the role. The following information will help you find out what you need to do to get started on this career path.

Architect Courses

How do you start?

The first step to becoming an architect is to take a three year undergraduate course in architecture. This will give you a basic grounding on which to build over the next four years. It is also essential to take this three year course before you go out and get your first twelve months worth of on the job training and experience.

Do you have to get professional experience as well as studying architect courses?

Yes you do. The normal route is to study for and pass the undergraduate course first of all. Once this has been successfully completed you can go out and get your first year of practical experience. This helps to build professional skills you will be able to use later on. Once this year has been completed you will need to go back to university to study another two year course. This will give you further guidance, skills and information to enhance what you have learned so far.

The next stage is another year of professional experience. You must have completed two years in a practical setting in this way before you can sit your final exams to decide whether you have what it takes to become an architect.

What is the final exam like?

There are several stages to the exam, which is designed to round off your architect courses.

If you pass you will become a qualified architect. The professional experience you have gained will go towards helping you pass this exam. You will also have to take part in an oral and written examination to ensure you have all the skills you need.

A case study is also included as part of the final exam. As you can see the final exam is very involved and is comprised of lots of different parts. However with this said it will follow on from five years of studying and two years of practical experience.

If you call upon all of this knowledge and experience during the examination period, you should be able to pass and move on to take your first position as a qualified architect. Architect courses are very involved and for good reason. You will be creating and designing buildings for the rest of us to use and enjoy.