Architect Salary – How Much Could You Expect to Earn?

It takes seven years to go through all the required training to become an architect and start earning an architect salary. However, all this training will provide you with the skills you need to earn a good living in this career.

It goes without saying that the earnings of an architect will improve over time as you get more experience. It may also depend on the company you work for, whether you are in the public or private sector and also whether you decide to run your own business or work for someone else.

Architect Salary

What is the average starting salary for an architect?

It all depends on what level of training they have passed. It is worth knowing that architects who are in training have to complete two years worth of paid work experience. They are likely to earn from £15,000 to £17,500 once they have passed the first stage of training and gone on the first part of their work experience.

Once the architect has qualified, their earnings can go up dramatically. To start with they can expect to earn from £22,000 upwards depending on experience.

How much could you earn as an architect?

The potential to earn more as an architect is definitely there. Obviously you will earn more as you gain more experience, and the amount you earn can depend on the company you are working for as well. Public and private sector work can also vary.

An architect salary can increase to about £34,500 for a project architect. In addition to this, landscape architects (those who work on outdoors projects) can earn about £35,500. It should be remembered that these salaries are the averages though.

This means some architects (typically those with less experience) can earn less, while many will earn more.

Is there the potential to earn more from an architect salary if you open your own business or serve as a partner?

Definitely; indeed this is the path that many architects choose to take once they have qualified and begun to gain some experience in the working world. If you rise up the ranks to become a partner in an architecture firm you could earn anything from £38,000 to considerably more.

Some partners can earn as much as £90,000, but a lot will depend on the nature of the business that they are a partner of.

Obviously partners of larger firms will earn more than those of smaller ones. There is also the option to start your own firm once you have gained plenty of experience. The main advantage of this is that you will be able to work on projects you are particularly interested in. You can also specialise on particular ones that look good and may earn more for your business as well.

As you can see there is a lot of potential to earn a good architect salary once you are properly qualified to practice as such.