Auto Mechanic Courses

However well modern cars run, they will always experience problems and need repairing from time to time. This means there will always be a need for skilled mechanics who have completed a range of auto mechanic courses.

If you are considering this career, read through the following information so you can gain a better idea of how everything works.

Auto Mechanic Courses

Is it necessary to do an apprenticeship to gain entry into the auto mechanic business?

Not always, but if you are between the ages of 16 and 24 this could be the best route into the business.

Apprenticeships are available to young people and they have the advantage of giving you practical work experience alongside the course work and studying you will also have to complete.

This means that by the time you qualify to be an auto mechanic you will already have some practical experience and knowledge that will help you get your first job.

How long does it take to study the relevant auto mechanic courses?

You need to get City and Guilds or NVQ qualifications in order to successfully become a mechanic in the UK. You will need to study something like the Award in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair. This is a typical beginner’s course that will get you started on the road to success

. The amount of time it takes you to become qualified depends on the exact role you want to perform and which courses you want to take. It also depends on whether you are going to study a full time course or not.

Obviously the more courses you take the more time it will take you to complete them. You may decide to specialise in accident repair or motor sports repair for example, and this will require you to study further auto mechanic courses once you have learned the basics.

Where can you study auto mechanic courses?

Lots of colleges and universities around the country provide a wide range of auto mechanic courses for you to consider taking.

The best bet is to contact your local college to find out which courses they offer and when they will next be open to join. You can then find out how you can enrol and what qualifications you will be able to study for as a result.

Some courses may be offered on a part time basis whereas others are full time. Consider which ones would fit into your time table and make sure you do your research so you can figure out which courses you will need to study. It is wise to get the basic City and Guilds or NVQ qualifications first before considering whether you want to specialise in any way later on.

You can always study more courses to get further qualifications in auto mechanics further down the line.