Back Office Jobs in Banking

When you think about the banking industry you probably think about the front line staff you see on a day to day basis. You wouldn’t typically think about the many people working in back office jobs in banking – the ones you wouldn’t see no matter what time of day you happen to walk into your local bank.

In fact many people in this kind of job role don’t work in banks at all. They might work for the banks but they work in other areas and locations, and they don’t come into contact with the customers in any way at all.

Back Office Jobs in  Banking

What kinds of jobs are available in this area of banking?

There are lots of jobs available in back office roles that are far removed from what you would expect in banking. For instance you might work in the human resources department, dealing with members of staff and their various issues and requirements. This has nothing to do with banking per se, but it is still a very important role that has to be filled.

How can you decide which type of back office jobs in banking would be right for you?

It is a good idea to think about the skills you have and move on from there. For example do you have experience in IT that you could put to good use in the banking industry? Are you trained and experienced in HR issues? What about accounting or a similar job role? As you can see once you start thinking about your skills you can find out whether they could be ideal for back office jobs in banking.

Is this a growing industry with lots of potential for a good career?

Yes – there are lots of different and diverse roles that need to be filled in banking in this sense. Even if you don’t happen to live near the capital you can still have lots of opportunities available locally.

The best bet is to find out all you can about back office jobs and then consider which role you want to play.

You can then start looking for these roles online by searching various job sites for them. Don’t forget to check with individual banks as well – these will usually have a dedicated jobs section with information on all kinds of different roles you may fulfil.

In many cases you can transfer from another type of business into the banking environment. For example if you are qualified as an accountant and you work with a small accountancy firm, you may be able to apply for back office jobs in banking with those skills. Just as every bank has plenty of customer facing roles to offer, so they also have lots of back office roles as well.