Beauty Therapist Salary – What can a beauty therapist earn?

Like with most jobs it is not easy to put an exact figure on what you can expect to earn.

There are many variables that affect what you will be paid. A beauty therapist’s salary will vary according to his/her previous experience and qualifications, the responsibilities associated with the role and also the location of the salon (City centre employees usually get paid extra to compensate for the extra costs involved with traveling and the general higher cost of living that is common in cities across the UK).

Beauty Therapist Salary – What can a beauty therapist earn?

On average a beauty therapist salary is about £16k per annum. Larger salons employ receptionists. A receptionist can expect to earn £12 – £15k per annum. Most salons will have in place a bonus structure to incentivise staff that can help significantly increase earnings.

The bonus structure can be related to the number of products that you sell or even the overall profits of the salon in a specified time period. Once you have a little more experience under your belt you may be able to apply for salon management positions.

Again these beauty therapist salaries vary according to the responsibilities of the role, but on average a salon manager will earn between £23 and £30k per annum.

Self-employed Beauty Therapist Salary

If you decide to become a self-employed beauty therapist you can potentially earn a great deal more than an employed therapist.

However you will not enjoy the benefits that an employed position brings such as sick and holiday pay.

As a self employed beauty therapist you can either operate from premises or you can visit people’s houses. If you have a shop or premises your overheads will be greater, but the potential rewards are massive.

Having a shop in a prominent location on the high street can lead to a higher footfall and therefore greater profits. In either case the amount that you will earn will be directly related to the amount of effort that you put in. It is not uncommon for a mobile beauty therapist to earn £50 for an hour’s work, but bear in mind the work will be more sporadic. So, as you can see a beauty therapists salary ranges from £12k – 30k depending upon the role.

If you decide to become self employed…

Remember if you decide to go down the route of being a self-employed beauty therapist you will be responsible for taking care of your own tax and national insurance contributions. While it is possible to complete your tax return yourself it may be advisable to contact a trained accountant who can ensure that your business complies with the current tax system.