Massage Therapist Careers

Massage therapy is far from a modern vocation. People in ancient times used massage therapy to help with various ailments, and we continue to do so today. If you want to become a massage therapist there are various types of massage that you can perform.

Become a Massage Therapist

However they all require you to train to get the appropriate qualifications first. You can find out more about becoming a massage therapist below.

What does a massage therapist do?

A massage therapist provides a range of massage treatments to their clients. It is possible to go into various different parts of the industry, including the provision of sports massage and Swedish massage techniques. There are dozens of different massage techniques that can be studied.

A massage therapist will meet with lots of different clients, performing different types of massages in each case. For example one client may require a head massage, while the next one may want a full body massage. As such you must be disciplined and experienced in various different types of massage and should be able to focus and concentrate for long periods of time.

Massage Therapist Training

There are strict requirements in place in the UK if you wish to become a massage therapist.

You must be qualified and have passed the required massage therapist training before you can hope to find work in this field.

The training not only covers how to perform the massages, it also covers anatomy and the importance of caring for each patient you treat. You will also need to know about contra-indications, since some people may be allergic to some of the oils or products you will use.

If you did not pass the required training you would not know all the most important aspects that are relevant to the massage therapy field.

Massage Therapist Training

What are the training options?

There are a number of different courses you can study, but any course you find should be recognised by an official body. Look for an ITEC course, a CIBTAC course or a VTCT course. The most familiar of these three is typically the ITEC course.

Providing the course is accredited you will end up with a recognised qualification that will allow you to perform as a massage therapist. The length of the course will depend on whether you study on a full time or part time basis.

It might take a whole year to progress through the course and to pass your exams if you are studying on a part time basis. You can pass the course faster if you have the time to devote to a shorter full time course.

Massage Therapist Training – Can you study at home?

There are courses that allow for home study, but remember that you must pick an accredited course.

Some organisations offer home study courses but they do not provide a certificate or qualification that will be recognised by potential employers. Remember also that you need practical hands on experience – quite literally – in order to be able to understand what a massage therapist will do on a day to day basis.

In short, always look for a proper course that requires you to attend a classroom to learn the techniques and knowledge you will need to know.

Once you have the required qualifications, what happens next?

Once you are trained as a massage therapist it is time to find your first job.

The majority of therapists start out by working in an established business, perhaps locally or in a nearby city. If you wish to go into a specialised field, such as sports massage, you could get a job as a massage therapist and then study for the additional skills and qualifications you will need at the same time.

Some massage therapists also choose to go it alone and either set up their own business or provide freelance services. If you have a massage bench and all the right equipment you can travel to peoples’ homes. But whatever job you get, massage therapist training is where it all begins.

Massage Therapist Jobs

Massage therapy is an attractive career to go into. It has good prospects for those who are willing to learn and develop their skills, and take the appropriate courses to get their qualifications. But before you grab a place on the next course near you, look through the following information. It will help you decide whether massage therapist jobs are the ideal positions for you to train for.

Massage Therapist Jobs

Massage therapists must be good with people

Are you good at meeting people and making them feel at ease? It can be quite nerve wracking meeting a massage therapist for the first time, so you will need good people skills in order to make people feel relaxed. You will get to meet all kinds of people every single day so you must be able to be friendly and welcoming – no matter what might be going on in your own life.

They must take note of a person’s medical history and keep appropriate records

You must be good at talking to people to get important information from them about their medical history. Massaging involves many parts of the body, not just the skin, so it is vital to keep proper records and to ensure you know all relevant details of each person’s medical history. This is one important skill you will be taught as part of your training.

They must be able to focus and concentrate on giving the best treatments

Some massages may take an hour or so to complete. This requires perfect concentration from you as you follow the same routine every single time with different clients. If you do not concentrate you won’t be able to provide the best service to your clients. It can almost be more difficult to focus once you know what you are doing, since it is easy to fall into a pattern and to let your mind run away with you. You must always stay focused on the task at hand.

They must dress smartly and pay considerable attention to their appearance

Massage therapists will generally wear a uniform of some kind, usually with short sleeves. This must always be very smart and clean, and the therapist must also pay close attention to their appearance at all times.

Consider how you would feel if you went to see a massage therapist and you found them to be scruffy. Would you have confidence in their skills and abilities? They may be very good indeed but the appearance would tell you otherwise. So make sure you can dress properly and neatly at all times when you are about to meet with clients.

There is a lot to think about if you want to look for massage therapist jobs in the future. If you know you are well suited to this line of work you could be well rewarded for your efforts once you are fully trained.