Nail Technician Careers

Glitzy designs, glamorous art, and professional nail care require the proficient skills of a nail technician. With the beauty industry seeing strong and continued growth, there’s certainly plenty of scope for work in the industry.

A service that’s part of nearly all beauty salons, professional make-up studios, and with contract opportunities available with fashion magazines, there’s certainly scope to aim high, and land a highly rewarding job in both pay and job satisfaction – If you can pull it off anyway.

Become a Nail Technician

As a nail technician, there’s more involved than being creative with glitter nail varnishes, stencils, or maybe even hand painted designs. You must be excellent in customer services, with the ability to listen to clients as they explain the look they’re after. Understand the job, before you pick up any of your tools.

Health and safety plays as much a part as anything you do, as you’ll first need to know about the chemicals you’ll be working with. You’ll need training on the correct storage, and usage of any nail products you’re using.

Professional nail care advice will need provided in every consultation, and before you apply any treatment, you should also be trained to know about potential nail problems that could be lingering beneath the surface of the nails. An area that’s prone to harbouring all sorts of bacteria, and can when left untreated, can affect natural nail growth, and damage the surface of the nails on both the hands and the feet. Treat someone with nail fungus, and fail to sterilise your equipment efficiently, and your next client’s nails can be ruined.

Many nail technicians will start out working in beauty salons, or nail bars and progress their training to provide more services.

Moving onto provide full manicures, and pedicures is a service you could be offering, helping to aid in your clients relaxation for both the hands and feet. Or, you could stick to the design side of the business and continue learning about all the latest products and advancements in the nail care profession as new lines are released by product manufacturers, some of which you can receive specialist training on.

Nail Technician Training

If you want to get work as a nail technician you will first need to gain nail technician training. This will ensure you have all the right skills and knowledge to get the job you want.   The most important thing to remember when you are looking for training opportunities is to make sure they will provide you with a recognised qualification at the end of it.

This is what potential employers will be looking for, so it makes sense to ensure you apply to study on an accredited course.

Nail Technician Training

What are the training options?

The best course of action is to get an NVQ. There are three courses that are related to becoming a nail technician. These are NVQs Level One, Two and Three.

You can start with Level One and gain enou

gh knowledge to start work as an assistant in this field. In order to work directly with clients without supervision, you will have to go one step further and get the Level Two qualification. If you decide to further your career, possibly even opening a nail bar of your own, you should think about investing in the Level Three course as well. You can also look for ABT accredited courses.

These are approved by Associated Beauty Therapists, so you can be assured that they will be recognised and will provide you with the skills you need.

Can you study at home?

You can find courses that will give you a head start in nail technician training. But it is vital to understand that while they can be worthwhile, they will not provide you with all the training you need. Practical skills are of course very important in this line of work, so you must pass the proper exams to become qualified as a nail technician.

Once you have the required qualifications, what happens next?

All you need are the basic qualifications to begin looking for work as a nail technician. As mentioned above, an NVQ Level One is all that is required to find work as an assistant.

Once you get a foot in the door with a particular salon or business, you may be able to get them to fund further studies in order to pass your NVQ Level Two qualification. This means you will be able to serve your clients directly instead of simply assisting. But regardless of which qualifications you get and how you enter into the business, you can see that proper training is essential to your success.

Once you have the first qualification under your belt you can find your first position and gain real world experience as a nail technician. It’s then up to you to continue with your nail technician training in order to learn more about this fascinating and rewarding profession.

Nail Technician Jobs

If you take a look online it shouldn’t take long to realise that there are lots of nail technician jobs around to apply for. This is a burgeoning area to look into if you want to establish a career in this part of the beauty industry. But are you well suited to it? Just because there are lots of opportunities to be had, it doesn’t mean you would automatically be the best person for the job.

If you are considering studying for this kind of position, think about the following things before you dive in.

Nail Technician Jobs

Are you good with people?

As a nail technician you will be dealing with different people every single day. You may get to know some of them very well, whereas other people may only come in very occasionally. But you must treat everyone the same and make them feel as if they are getting the very best service you can provide. Nail technicians must be pleasant and welcoming even if they are having a bad day. Could you do this for your clients? The answer needs to be yes if you want to get involved with nail technician jobs.

Do you have an eye for detail and a steady pair of hands?

It certainly helps to have good close up vision, but you should also have a keen eye for detail. It is impossible to paint nails if you have unsteady hands and cannot concentrate for very long. Obviously you will get better with time and experience, but you must be able to provide a selection of top quality nail treatments every single day.

Nail technicians are required to do all kinds of jobs – most of which can be fiddly. These can include French manicures, adding decals and stickers to the nails and also painting small designs on them. Since this is often done freehand it is essential to be good at what you do and to hold your hands steady throughout the day.

Are you willing to keep learning about the newest techniques and advances in the industry, even after you have completed your training?

This is another essential part of the business. It doesn’t matter whether you own your own nail bar or you simply work for someone else.

You must always know the latest developments and updates in the industry, particularly with regard to new treatments, rules and regulations and safety aspects. There is a lot to bear in mind when you are considering whether or not to apply for nail technician jobs.

Most people will need the appropriate qualifications before they decide whether or not to go ahead with a career in this profession. But as you can see it is necessary to have a few personal skills as well as professional ones in order to achieve the highest level of success in this field.