Become a fitness instructor – Enjoy a rewarding career

If you are looking for a career that can be both challenging and rewarding you should look no further than that of a personal trainer.

A personal trainer (sometime referred to as a fitness instructor) is responsible for helping clients achieve and maintain their own personal fitness goals. These goals can range from wanting to lose a specified amount of weight through to achieving a level of fitness, for instance being able to complete a 10 kilometre run in under a certain time. Whatever the clients reason for visiting you, helping them attain their goal safely and in a timely manner will be your number one priority when you become a fitness instructor.

Once a client comes to you with their specific requirements you must use you knowledge and expertise gained from your training to create the perfect physical training programme for them. Again the programme that you design will depend upon what the client ultimately wants to achieve. This variety is what makes the job of personal trainer such an exciting one. Furthermore you can see the progress that the client has made as a direct result of your actions and this will give you a great sense of achievement also.

Become a Fitness Instructor

To be a personal trainer you ideally need to have a certain level of fitness and a passion for passing your knowledge on to others – an outgoing a friendly disposition is of great benefit. You will also be required to have a certain degree of literacy and numeracy skills before you will be considered for most physical instructor training positions.

To train and become a qualified instructor can take as little as six weeks. There are many different courses across the United Kingdom ranging in price, syllabus and qualification gained. Before signing up to a course it is worthwhile deciding exactly what you wish to get out of your training and looking for a course that most closely matches you expectation.  Signing up for a course can represent a great investment both in terms of time and a finance so getting this decision right is vital.

So, if you are looking for a career change and are fit, hardworking and motivated, plus in addition the idea of helping others achieve their fitness goals is appealing to you, then you should become a fitness instructor.


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