Become a Kids Model

There are a huge range of agencies that are looking for the faces of tomorrow so there are far more modelling opportunities for kids than adults. This is because unlike adult agencies the children do not have to be a certain height or weight.

Most children’s modelling agencies are looking for a nice smile, someone with personality and someone who can look innocent and adorable on camera.

Become a Kids Model

Parents can pursue modelling for their children from the age of 18 months up to 18 years of age. But the main thing that they need to be sure of is that their child wants to be a model.

They are going to need to enjoy modelling but also be able to take direction from the professionals and prepare the child for some rejection as they may not always be successful. This is why we would suggest that you set up a test shoot for your child to see how they get on, as there is no point in contacting any agencies unless both you and your child want to be a model.

What types of work are there?

If your child is successful they may work in many different settings of media, they be required for a TV advert, for posters, catalogues or to model certain brands of clothing etc.

How do you get started?

The best way to get started is to register your child with some professional agencies; only join those that will give you their address and have been established for some time. You can register online by completing an online form and by attaching some photos. If your child is approved by the agency they will then put your child forward for jobs when a client requests a child with their look. As a parent you need to research the agency before joining to ensure and confirm that the images you upload are fully secure.

So make sure that you have up to date images and photos of the kids to send to agencies so that they can see whether your child is photogenic or not and whether they are age appropriate. And make sure that the photos display they’re character and personality as this is what child modelling is really all about!

How much can a child model earn?

If your child is successful at a casting the amount of money they will be paid is going to vary. This is going to be dependent on the type of job, whether it’s TV or magazine for example and how long the job may take etc. Generally a TV job will pay more than a photo shoot.

To give you an idea your child could earn £50 to £100 per hour for a magazine shoot but remember that the agency that got you the job will usually take around 20% commission. It is a great opportunity for your child and should they enjoy it they may even become successful at it!


Proceed with caution if you are being asked to part with payment before your child can be given modelling work. Most genuine agencies will not ask for an upfront payment.

If you are being asked for money in advance it could be a scam so ensure that you spend some time researching any agency you are planning on signing up with.