Become a Male Model

Like with any modelling there are certain requirements that need to be met, first one being your age.

To become a male model you need to be between the ages of 15 and 29 years old. This industry is very competitive so there is no time like the present! Because of this agencies will not accept males who do meet the height and age requirements.

Become a Male Model

To become a male model you need to decide what area of modelling you would like to go into.

Fashion Male Modelling –

As a fashion model you will need to meet the requirements of at least 6ft in height and suit size 48-50. You may find yourself modelling for newspapers and editorials and often asked to walk catwalks.

Commercial Male Modelling –

There are no set requirements for commercial models in general, you will just need to meet the requirements of the particular client. You will be asked to advertise and sell products sometimes on TV or in print.

Catalogue Male Modelling –

The only specific requirement for this kind of modelling is that you will need to be tall; roughly 5’9” and be very confident. You would be advertising or selling products through photos displayed in a catalogue.

Body/Fitness Male Modelling –

You will need to be very fit and have a toned physique. Usually you would find yourself modelling fitness related products. And you need to be prepared to expose body parts, for example abs. Once you have chosen your modelling path, which does not have to be set in stone however it is much easier to find modelling work when you focus your attentions to one style. You will need to get a portfolio together, displaying shots of full body and face.

You can then begin to contact your chosen modelling agencies and attend open calls. Where the agency get to meet you in person, this can be beneficial as they’ll get to see your personality too.

If you are successful at these meetings then your agent can begin to get you bookings. A Male Models salary is all dependent on what jobs get and for whom, for example a male model shooting for a magazine could earn an average of £200 per day.

In contrast to this a male who is modelling for a campaign could earn between £6,000 and £12,000.

Should you become really successful and be booked for regular cat walk shows throughout the year by certain designers you could be looking at a six figure salary. Becoming a Male Model is competitive and you will need to be very confident and determined and it would be challenging but exciting to see where it might take you!