Become a Mortgage Advisor

There are many different banking roles you can take on if you are drawn to this particular career path. One of them is mortgage advisor. If you want to know how to become a mortgage advisor keep reading to find out more about this role and how you can help people select the right mortgage for their needs.

What kind of qualifications are required?

The term qualifications could be viewed in one of two ways. It is well worth keeping both in mind as you look to go into this line of work. As far as schooling is concerned, good GCSEs and possibly A levels, especially in English and Maths, are always good to have. Beyond this you should aim to build some practical qualifications as well. These could more properly be viewed as life skills. For instance it might be good to break into the banking sector on a lower level. Get some customer service experience as this will undoubtedly be viewed in a positive light when it comes to applying for mortgage advisor positions later on. Any experience in this field will help you rank above your competition when you apply.

Do you need formal qualifications to become a mortgage advisor?

You can be a trainee without having any formal qualifications at all. However if you want to become a proper advisor you will need to pass the CeMAP training course. CeMAP stands for the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice. This gives you the professional qualifications you need to take on the role. Another certificate that is recognised for the same purpose is the CertMA qualification. This is the Certificate in Mortgage Advice. Quite often you will be able to study for these qualifications while taking on a more junior role. Part time study is possible and you can also study remotely by taking a recognised online class.

Do you have to be employed as a mortgage advisor or can you be self employed?

Both situations are a possibility. Most mortgage advisors start off in employment for a large bank or building society. It is also possible to work for estate agents and other similar businesses. Once you have gained a thorough understanding of the business you can branch out and become self employed if you wish. It is generally best to have some experience before you get to this stage however.

Would I be a good fit to become a mortgage advisor?

This is a very important question and one that only you will have the answer to. It is important to be able to relate to people and to listen to their needs and concerns. It is only by knowing what they want and who they are that you will be able to match them up with the best mortgage for their requirements. If you get into the banking industry, study hard and learn on the job as well, you could certainly become a mortgage advisor in the future.