Become an Infant School Teacher

When you are thinking of becoming a teacher you have several different age groups to choose from.

Deciding to become a teacher is a big decision in itself. But you must also select the age group you are most interested in working with. This is because virtually every teacher will stay with their initial choice right through their career.

Become an Infant School Teacher

Once you have gained the experience and knowledge required to teach primary school children for example, it is difficult to then change paths and choose to be a secondary school teacher instead.

One of the possibilities you have to choose from is to become an infant school teacher. If you are toying with this idea, here are some areas you may want to consider.

Would you prefer to teach younger children who are just starting school?

Generally speaking teachers who work in primary schools are also sometimes referred to as infant school teachers. We could narrow this down further by saying that an infant school teacher works with those children who are literally just starting school. This is normally from the age of about four.

Become an Infant School Teacher

Many teachers like the idea of teaching children who are just starting school for the first time. This is the first major event to happen for many of these children, and it can be scary and unsettling for them.

Many teachers who decide to become an infant school teacher do so because they have an affinity with younger children. Not everyone wants to teach older children and it is just as important to give kids a good start in their school life.

If you feel this would be a good fit for you, you should consider the idea to become an infant school teacher.

Would you prefer to focus on all manner of subjects rather than focusing on a specific one?

Infant school teachers have a very different working day to secondary school teachers.

In the latter case the teacher will focus on just one subject, teaching a range of different classes throughout the day. But in infant school the teacher will have one group of children.

They will focus on all manner of different subjects with them, teaching them in a more introductory and rounded way. They will need to follow the National Curriculum just as all other teachers do, but the nature of the teaching will be very different.

Some teachers find they are drawn to infant school teaching rather than secondary school teaching. If you are one of them you will excel when you become an infant school teacher. You will start to teach children at the very beginning of their school life, and your influence may well stay with them for a long time to come.

It is a difficult decision to make for some, but infant school teaching can allow you to touch on all kinds of different subjects on a daily basis.