Benefiting from Creative Roof Signs for Driving Instructors

As an independent driving instructor, especially in your early days in this career, you need to maximize every marketing opportunity you can get your hands on. This isn’t a line of work, where you can sit down with a phone book and cold call people to market your services.

People need to find you and to do that you are going to have to advertise.


The great thing about a career as a driving instructor is you only have to advertise your business. You don’t need strong selling abilities, as your clients will be calling you up for quotes.

When those calls come in, you only need to have competitive pricing and your average percentage pass rate. Sort of to brag about your business and highlight how much of a great driving instructor you are. However; to get people calling you up for quotations and bookings, they need to know your number. How do clients find your business details?

On the roof signs driving instructors use

You can opt for the cheaper method of using magnetic stickers, to put on the body of your vehicle as well, but for most, that can be blind sighted, as that’s the typical advertising space, for any business vehicle.

The roof space isn’t a blind spot and it’s a primary area to advertise your business, for maximum exposure. Why is that? Because there are very few services that use a roof sign to advertise.

Maybe a Dominos pizza delivery vehicle, or more frequently on a taxi service. For a driving instructor vehicle though, you only have to look at some of the largest driving schools in the UK to see that driving instructor roof signs work effectively for marketing.

  • The AA
  • BSM
  • Red

They all have one thing in common and that’s that they brand their business on the roof signs on their vehicle fleet. So it must work or they wouldn’t be adding the extra expense onto each of their vehicles.

Does it matter the type of roof sign you use?

Yes, it matters a great deal. As roof signs are magnetic and removable, you want to go large with them.

The reason for this is that you don’t just want a telephone number on there. For the best marketing possible for your business, you’re best to have a contact telephone number on display and a website address for people to find you online. In order for someone to take notice of your vehicle though, you’re best to use graphic designs. Those help your roof sign stand out.

You could even go as far as to use an LED roof sign, which will let people see your details when you’re out driving at night. Just because it’s removable doesn’t mean you should.

The more people see your sign, whether you’re working, or out shopping, the more you’re branding your service and getting your details out to the people who matter. Potential clients will take a note of your phone number, name, or website name, or anything else you have that’s able to let them find you whenever they want to contact you.

You can go small with pyramid learner roof signs, but they’ll only give you the space to display L signs on your roof, as a way to alert others that you’ll have a student in the vehicle. You won’t get room to spruce your car up with visually appealing roof signs, that makes your vehicle stand out from others. That’s why independent ADIs should take the time to research the market, and find a suitable driving instructor roof sign service. The best ones will have the skills you need to put together a custom roof sign that will give prime advertising for your school of motoring.

They make it so much easier for clients to notice your service, contact you, and act as a lead magnet, leaving you with more time to spend teaching, rather on the advertising of your services, which also means they will lower your advertising overheads, allowing you to increase your salary as a driving instructor.