Brand Loyalty Improvements with Social Customer Services

When it comes to brand loyalty, there’s only one way to turn a new customer into a loyal subscriber and that’s the customer service. The job role of a customer service agent is shifting from call centre operators and receptionists, taking care of problems that arise and providing solutions. What people really want is a 2 way conversation and answers to their questions as fast as possible.

Larger brands such as Argos rank among the highest in the UK for social customer services.

Brand Loyalty Improvements with Social Customer Services


This is done using multi-channel communication platforms.

  • Social media
  • Live chat
  • Community forums
  • Group discussions

…and any other way they can communicate with their customers. While people still reach for the telephone to call the helpline when there is a problem, it’s not everyone’s first choice. This is great news for those who work within the customer services role, as you no longer have limited options for work.

You can assist any business by simply managing their communication online. Social media jobs are on the increase and rely on customer service agents to be there responding to customers in real time.

It’s always going to be ideal to resolve problems in the first contact, but that’s not always possible and not always unacceptable either. People are real and understand there are going to be problems. The most annoying thing for a customer to experience is the feeling of being ignored. The faster they can get in touch with a customer service representative, the more re-assured they feel that their experience is valued. There’s nothing more frustrating to a customer than the feeling of companies only in it for their hard-earned cash.

The more companies listen to customers, the more they will increase their loyalty and bring people back to do business with them again. That’s the important role of the customer service agent. They’re the front line staff who push brand loyalty to another level and propel businesses forward by providing a first class user experience.

The top 10 things that go into excellent customer services


  1. Customers want their issues resolved quickly
  2. Ideally in the first contact
  3. You’ll need to be caring and friendly
  4. If the issue can’t be resolved in the first instance, then dealing with the same person in follow up communication is appreciated
  5. Ability to keep records of the conversation, so live chat, email and social media can be more beneficial than the telephone
  6. A follow up with the company to ensure they were satisfied with their interaction
  7. Customized offers tailored to their interests
  8. Online live support lets customers get other things done while the issue is being resolved, and they aren’t tied to the telephone on hold.
  9. The ability to send a note to customer services and not actually speak to someone is an advantage as there’s often the frustration of not understanding the representatives accent
  10. Provide customers with a personalized experience

When companies take those 10 points into consideration, and make improvements to their interactions with customers, they’ll be sure to see a return in repeat customers coming back to them. If you’re already in a customer service role, with a firm that’s got an online presence, be sure to suggest the tips to your company, and help them drive their business further with better customer services that people appreciate.

For those who aren’t in work, try adjusting your job search criteria to include social media reps and other online customer service assistant roles, and you’ll find a lot more vacancies than you may have imagined.