Can You Become an Automatic Driving Instructor?

Not everyone likes to deal with the manual gear transmissions, clutch control, and then have to worry about everything else that’s going on the road. This is why there’s a need for automatic driving instructors.

To teach people how to drive safely, while adding to their comfort by making the driving experience as simple as possible, by not having to worry about clutch control and manual gear transmissions. Those are replaced in an automatic tuition vehicle, which will be modified to have only a stop and go pedal.

You press the accelerator and you go, and push the brake to stop. That’s it and there’s a large amount of learner drivers only want this type of training. It’s simple and because of that, people can learn to drive faster, which makes it more cost efficient too.

Can You Become an Automatic Driving Instructor?

The problem becoming an automatic driving instructor

The only problem you’re going to face is if you only hold an auto driving licence yourself. Even to teach in an automatic only tuition vehicle, you need to be an approved driving instructor.

To make it to that stage, you need to have held your full driving licence for a period of 3 years, in order to start your training. That doesn’t mean that you have to drive a manual vehicle for 3 years in order to teach in an automatic vehicle.

The Driving Standards Agency only looks to ensure that every driving instructor is capable of delivering a high standard of tuition to each of his or her pupils. That’s done best by ensuring that each instructor is capable of holding the attention of the road, while controlling every aspect of a vehicle.

While it isn’t necessary to teach manual as well as automatic vehicles, you will have periodic tests to sit so you can remain on the ADI register. Those exams will be carried out in a manual vehicle, regardless if you have chosen to specialise as an automatic driving instructor.

The only way to be an auto driving instructor

The only way you’re going to be an automatic driving instructor is to get over the fear or anxiety of using a manual gearbox transmission, with clutch control.

You’ll have to master taking full control of your vehicle, in order to meet the high standards required to be an ADI. Once you’re an approved driving instructor, every 4-year period, you’ll have to take a check test.

That’s going to involve getting behind the wheel of a manual vehicle and being tested on your teaching abilities.

If you’re anxious, you are going to struggle at that point, therefore, you should try to drive a manual vehicle occasionally, if only to keep your skills up to date. For most people going for an automatic driving licence, it’s for the simplicity of it. If you’re wondering if you can only teach in an automatic vehicle, well the answer is yes.

You can specialise in the field of teaching driving in an automatic vehicle, but you are also going to have to be able to drive a manual vehicle yourself, to meet the DSA requirements. Therefore, you are going to be required to hold a full driving licence, and have held it for a minimum of 3 years before you can start your training to become a driving instructor in any vehicle type.

That said, you can start your application process 6 months prior to you holding your full licence for 3 years.

This is because it will take approximately 6 months to get through your criminal background checks and enrolled, so you can then sit the first part of your ADI training, which will be your theory test (Multiple choice) and your hazard perception test. If you’re interested in becoming an automatic driving instructor and currently only hold an auto driving licence, then you will have to retake your driving test in a manual vehicle, pass that and then wait for 2 and a half years, to start your ADI training application process.

After you’ve passed your ADI training, you can then choose to specialise in the automatic driving tuition field, or teach both, depending on your comfort level and personal preference. The choice will be yours when you become an ADI!