2012: The end of the world, the Olympics and a great time for a new career

2012: The end of the world, the Olympics and a great time for a new career

So, 2012 is finally here and if the Mayans are to believed the world is about to come to an end.

However here at Be-a.co.uk we are rather more optimistic about the year ahead. We feel that there is no better time to start your journey towards a new career. Since the economic crash of 2008 jobs have been harder to come by and in late 2011 it was reported by the Daily Mail that there are on average 23 applicants for each and every job vacancy.

However those with the right skills and training can still succeed in this challenging environment. Now, more so than ever it is important that you have the right qualifications (and sometimes experience) for the role that you are applying for.

If you don’t then someone else will have and your prospects of landing your dream role will be severely dented.

The first and often most difficult step on route to finding a new career path is finding the appropriate training.

In fact most people never get past this stage and will be still be stuck in the same job this time next year. Finding training can be difficult especially when you have other commitments such as your current job and a family. However there are many very flexible adult learning programmes available now.

You may find that the career path that you have chosen can easily be studied for from home. This is definitely true for IT based careers and even for some careers that you wouldn’t think such as becoming a driving instructor.

Yes, the practical aspects of driving instructor training will involve you leaving your home but they can be arranged to fit in around your current job, plus in addition a large majority of the theoretical training can be studied at home and at hours to suit you.

This is just one example of the flexibility that is available with modern training courses and most career sectors offer training specifically catered to people who are looking for flexibility.

So, if you are considering a new career this year don’t be off put by the thought of training and perhaps the misconception that training for a new career is impossible if you are currently in employment or have any other commitments.

Use the search feature at the top of the page to see over 40 different career options ranging from nursing to plumbing, with details about salary, training, working conditions and much more.

2012 is the year of the London Olympics at which years of hard training can make the difference between a Gold medal and Bronze medal. Why not take a leaf out of the Olympic athlete’s book and start training now towards a gold medal for your career?