3 Best Careers to Enter in 2012

3 Best Careers to Enter in 2012Are you thinking of starting a whole new career in 2012? Even though the job market might be challenging at the moment – to say the least – some areas of work could bear more fruit than others. So if you are thinking of switching careers you may want to bear the following suggestions in mind. You can find out more about each of these careers on our website.


This is one area of work where dedicated and caring people are always needed. As the population ages there is likely to be an even bigger demand for nurses in the future. Once you have completed your training you can be placed at a hospital or other similar location close to where you live, depending on vacancies.

There is also the potential to climb the ladder within the NHS and take on more responsible and better paid roles at a later stage. Nursing can be very demanding but it can also be a very rewarding job to undertake.

Part time worker

There is no doubt that the job market has been challenging in recent tim

es. It has also led to changes in the way we work. One of the main changes that have been noticed is that there are more part time workers now than there were a few short years ago. Many people are taking on part time jobs if they are unable to find full time ones. Part time jobs can sometimes lead to full time positions. Some people decide to work two part time jobs instead of one full time one, depending on their availability and needs.

Part time work can be found in many sectors of business, including retail, hospitality and other areas. You may even decide to work for yourself on a part time basis in the hope of building up your own business. There are many different options and opportunities within the part time sector of the job market.

IT worker

The onward march of the computer world means that IT workers will never be short of jobs to apply for. You should have a basic appreciation and knowledge of computers, but you will need to take appropriate training to be in the running for IT worker positions.

Furthermore it is necessary to update your training from time to time to keep up with the latest advancements in the industry. The good news is that lots of businesses need IT workers, and they may be hired on an employed or freelance basis. This also brings up the opportunity to be your own boss if you are so minded.

Which career will suit you in 2012?

These are just a few of the careers that hold great promise for 2012. But there are plenty more listed elsewhere on this site. Whichever one you aim for it could lead to a successful year ahead.