3 Unusual Ways to Further Your Career

3 Unusual Ways to Further Your CareerFrom time-to-time, many people find themselves stuck in a career rut they cannot break out of. If this happens to you, it is important to recognise that you are the only person can break out of it. In order to break out of your rut, it is necessary to take some unusual steps. Here are three unusual ways to further your career anybody can make use of.

Act Big, Even if Your Role is Small

If you want to advance your career, the best way to do so is by instilling a sense of confidence in others. This confidence needs to let them know that you are a worthwhile employee they would be mad not to promote.

When doing this, it is important not to breach the fine boundaries between confidence and arrogance. Instead, you need to know your worth and make sure other people know it too. How you do this depends on the environment you work in.

For example, if you are working in an office, you can let your boss know that you are available to assist them with extra tasks. Only a small percentage of employees do this, and even less offer to help out with those things that are outside of their set working role.

If you are managing a business or working on a freelance basis, it is down to you to project an air of professionalism by giving the impression that you have been in business for years.

Nobody wants to be your guinea pig, so exude confidence and propel yourself through the career ranks.

Do Something Completely Different

Like many working people, you may think back to the days of your childhood when you imagined yourself doing something completely different to whatever it is you are doing now. No matter how old you are, do not make the mistake of believing you cannot do that thing.

The only way for you to achieve change is by taking a different approach. If your current career is feeling a little fusty, take a complete change of direction. Begin this by sitting down, thinking about what it is you really want to do, and throw yourself into it.

This may mean retraining in some way, but a sharp change of direction is refreshing and can bring career happiness.

Overhaul Your Image

If you walk into your office or begin your working day looking dull, your career is likely to be dull also. Of course there is no direct causative relationship between these two things, but there are secondary relationships.

The better you look, the more confident you are. With new confidence, you can take charge of your career. Start losing weight, change the clothes you wear, do your hair on a daily basis, and if you are female—do your makeup. If you already do all these things, consider an image change. Start wearing brighter clothes, get a new haircut, and adopt a more vibrant look. If you can change your physical appearance, you can change the way you approach your career.

Unusual ways to change your career are outlandish rather than safe. With an unusual approach, you can invite changes that won’t come if you continue with your current pattern of behaviour.