3 ways to get your CV noticed by top employers


Recent research revealed that a whopping 48.1% of UK workers cannot write a stand-out CV.

But while it does take time and effort to craft an impressive CV, the task is not as difficult as you might think.

To help you secure your next job, here are three simple ways to get your CV in good shape and noticed by top employers.

Keep your skills and abilities relevant

If you really want to get your CV noticed by top employers, you need to make sure that your CV is relevant to their vacancy. This means that your CV must contain a variety of relevant skills and abilities to signal that you’re the most appropriate person for the role.

The simplest way to do this is by pulling out keywords and required skills from the job description that match your own abilities, and injecting them into your CV. This will prove you’re a great match for the position.

You might even consider adding in a ‘Key Skills’ section near the top of your CV, to make sure your relevant abilities are read immediately.

This section only needs to be a few bullet points long. You may choose to include top qualifications, courses or personal achievements, but, as ever, ensure they are relevant to the job in question. You might be really proud of your scuba diving certificate, but your degree is likely to be more appropriate, especially if the job requires this level of qualification.

Use an easy-to-read format

Another super easy way to get your CV noticed is by using a simple, easy-to-read format.

Recruiters are unlikely to consider a CV in great detail if it’s plugged with chunky paragraphs and a tiny font, because it’s so hard to read – plus, recruiters don’t have time to pull apart every CV with a magnifying glass.

Since most recruiters today check out CVs online and spend an average of 6 seconds reviewing each one, it’s never been more important to make yours clear to read. To do this, break down your CV into sections signalled by clear headings and use bullet points to ensure the information is understandable and manageable.

In addition, your CV should never be longer than two pages, so if it’s spilling over, these tips will help you cut it down – it’s easier to do than you might think! Follow these CV instructions and you’ll stand miles above your competition.

Back up your abilities with examples

It’s all very well saying that you have extensive knowledge in digital marketing, but what does that really mean?

To a recruiter, it means very little. Therefore, to convince them that you genuinely have extensive knowledge, you need to show them.

When explaining your abilities and responsibilities, support them with examples of use, growth and achievement. For example, perhaps you have digital marketing experience because you took a digital marketing diploma and have since worked as an email marketing specialist. Alternatively, in your recent retail job, you may have ‘served customers’, but it’s also likely you ‘served up to 40 customers in one day who had a variety of queries’.

Adding a little bit more detail to your experience, whether that be stats, numbers or other specifics, validates your abilities and shows prospective employers what you can bring to the role. Therefore, the addition of examples is sure to get your CV noticed by top employers.

By this point, you should have a fairly good understanding of the simple tricks that create a stand-out CV. Just remember to keep your CV relevant and clear, and recruiters are sure to pay attention to your winning application.

About the author: Laura Slingo is a Digital Copywriter for the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library. For more expert advice on job searches, careers and the workplace, visit their Career Advice pages.