5 Confidence Boosting Mind Hacks for Your Job Interview

5 Confidence Boosting Mind Hacks for Your Job InterviewThere’s nothing more exciting than landing that all important job interview.

At the same time, when that interview comes, there’s not much in the way of stopping your nerves making your knees wobbly, and even worse…sweaty palms for an anxious handshake.

That can be the end of your interview before it gets underway. As soon as you walk into that interview, you need the confidence to own the atmosphere. The ability to control the interview, and get your voice heard. Listen to your interviewer, and focus on the questions, but you can’t do that when you’re on the verge of a nervous meltdown.

When you lose concentration, you lose the attention of the interviewer, and gone is that job opening that could’ve been yours. Confidence is the one secret weapon that opens the doors of opportunity.

Not many candidates have it, and the reason is simply that the job market is tough.

Those who succeed in gaining employment, do so because they arrive at the interview mentally prepared. That’s what you’ll be when you hack your mind with these confidence boosters.

The 5 mind tricks to boost your confidence right before your interview

1.     The Power Pose

This is an awesome trick to hack your mind because it involves altering the chemicals in your brain.

Become superman, or Wonder Woman. Whatever does it for you…just do it privately. It beats sitting anxiously in a silent waiting room for a secretary to announce your interviewer’s ready to see you.

To get prepared for that moment, obviously you need to allow yourself time, so be there about 10 – 15 minutes early.

Take yourself out the waiting room and into the rest room, and use a cubicle for privacy. If it’s a private restroom, even better as the more the space you have, the more powerful this is.

This mind hack is done by striking a power pose, which lets you own the space around you.

Hands on hips, back straight, chin up, feet pointing outwards. Or if you’re a guy, strike the masculine pose and pump your muscles. Hold that pose for two minutes. (It will be awkward, you will feel silly, but you will be glad you did this)

A scientific study carried out by Harvard University revealed some awesome findings in this one test. Note these two chemicals in the brain:

I.          Testosterone is the body chemical that’s responsible for your dominance

II.          Cortisol is the hormone that induces stress

Of the people who carried out the power pose, compared with those with hunched shoulders, the results showed that Testosterone increased around 19%, while Cortisol decreased by an average 25%. Use the power pose for just two minutes and break down the stress barricade, by increasing your dominance. Take that unfair advantage to your next interview.

Own your interview – land the job!

2.     Empower your mind

This one’s practiced by many, yet successful for few. It’s all about conditioning your mind with positive affirmations. The “I will” mentality. That’s all fine and well, but you really need to know what you’re doing for this technique to work.

You’ve got two minds.

A conscious mind and a subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is capable of decision making as much as 9 seconds before you’re consciously aware of it. Do you think you can use that to hack your mind? You can, but you need to understand how it’s done.

The subconscious mind is conditioned wit this thing called belief. Without getting too much detailed on it, any positive affirmations you’re using, you need to really believe in them. It’s not enough to say, “I will get through this interview successfully.” You need to BELIEVE in your success.

If you don’t believe it yourself, you’re never going to convince an interviewer that you’re really the person that they need working for them. Make your affirmations as realistic as possible by backing them up with a reason. Why are you going to be the right fit? I will have this job because I always learn to stay ahead of the rest in my field! I am the best. Believe it yourself, and your interviewer will too.

3.     Affirm your abilities with your recommendations

There’s no doubting that right at the last kick, your nerves are going to run a wobbly on you, leaving you instantly panicky. It’s probably going to happen, so just stop it before it becomes an issue. It’s handy to be carrying a copy of your CV with you to the interview. T

here’s every chance the interviewer will have a copy, so it’s good to be able to see what it is they’re speaking of when they ask any questions pertaining to your CV. Part of your documents within your folder, should be your references from previous employers.

What do they say?

Just read over your recommendations and you’ll soon realise that the company are the people getting the value from your time. You’re coming at them with endorsements. That’s a valuable place to be and again, it’s affirming that you are a valuable asset to the company you’re interviewing with for the job.

This conditions your mind back into that state of dominance, when you’re the one in control of the interview. It’s possible that your interviewer will be more nervous of offering the job, than you’ll be, just in case they offer it and you turn around and say it’s not for you.

So engage them in conversation, by maintaining that confidence, and encourage their input. You do that by asking questions, and the ones that pertain to the job.

4.     Don’t wing it – Fake it!

When certain questions come up, you could find yourself hit smack in the face with a lack of confidence, moistened palms, dry lips, and perhaps nervously tapping your foot on the floor, stumped at what to say in reply.

If that happens, don’t try to wing it by spluttering out “err…”Instead – Fake it! You can think fast by preparing for this to happen before it does. You do that by thinking of someone who has inspired your career.

  • An old boss
  • Schoolteacher
  • Sports coach
  • Or anyone who you feel to be confident

Think of yourself as being that person, and what they’re reply would be. They wouldn’t be sitting shaking at the knees. Try this exercise for size: Question: Sum up why I should hire you in 3 words. What’s your instant reaction? If it’s like:

  • Erm – (hic-hum – clearing the throat to buy some time)
  • Awkward
  • I’m not sure

Then you’re like most people, and that’s because we’re all guilty of self-criticism. We know our weaknesses, but often question our abilities. We don’t tend to notice our qualities, but you recognise them when you see them in others.

So, Think of yourself as someone you feel is confident, and transform the question to this: “What three words would they use to describe you?” Now you’re going to have a few words to describe yourself and really impress your employer, because you’ll say your strengths aloud with confidence.

Something not many other candidates will be able to do, because they haven’t the mind hacks that you’re using. Now you’re coming back with words like:

  • Energetic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Challenging

It’ll also strike up an image of that person describing you, and finishing with something like “challenging,” you’ll be relaying that with a past experience, and that’ll put a genuine smile on your face as you recall a moment that makes you feel that that’s how that person would describe you.

Chances are your interviewer will notice that, and ask you about it. Now you’re connecting emotionally by sharing a story about your life experience. …well, when I say challenging, it’s organisational I should say, but to my friends that’s a challenge because I’m a freak for tidiness.  Being genuine is done through confidence, and that’s the how behind the why that you’re going to be hired.

 5.     Don’t sweat it

If there’s one thing that’ll make a shaky first impression, it’s a candidate dripping with sweat. That’s going to be the making of one awkward handshake. Avoid over perspiration with appropriate clothing. Always remember the comfort is in the fabric, and to keep the look appropriate.

The materials of the clothing will make the difference to your comfort level. 100% cotton will be more breathable, leaving you feeling cooler than a heat retaining nylon or polyester shirt.

A quick recap on boosting your confidence at your job interview

  1. Use the power pose when you get there
  2. Really believe in your abilities
  3. Go over your recommendations from previous employers, re-affirming your strengths
  4. When doubt arises, beat it by tricking your mind into thinking about how someone else you know would react to the situation. Become someone else.
  5. Have the right clothes to keep your confidence up and your perspiration level down

Put those tips into your job interview toolbox and land the next job you’re interviewed for.