5 Quick Ways to Get Fired—Don’t Try These!

5 Quick Ways to Get Fired—Don’t Try These!Landing a job is only half the battle when it comes to your career. Once you have your foot through the door, you need to keep it there. Most of us are capable of holding down a job, but avoiding these five routes to getting fired is essential:

1. Coming in Hungover

Okay, so most people will rock up to their workplace with a hangover at some point. However, if you insist on doing it repeatedly your boss will have good grounds for firing you. When you are hungover, you are usually unable to meet the demands of your job. Depending on the position you are in, this can range from being irritating to downright dangerous.

2. Bitching About Your Colleagues

Even when we grow up it just seems as though some adults cannot leave the playground behind. We all like to have a bit of a gossip now and then, but ritual bitching isn’t necessary. At best, your role as the office bitch will result in your office party invite mysteriously getting lost in the post. At worst, you can be fired for bullying. Unless your thoughts are nice, keep them to yourself.

3. Persistent Lateness

As the old saying goes, time is money. If you are a member of a team, your absence can easily hold everyone else back. Those working in care environments can put service users at risk by being late persistently. Once or twice is fine, but ongoing lateness is a problem for your employer. If it is happening, try to find a way to resolve the problem. If that is not possible, because of public transport or traffic, negotiate a later starting time with your boss.

4. Breaking Non-Disclosure Agreements

The data protection act is a long and tedious piece of legislation. However, it may mean you cannot disclose information regarding your work to others. In addition, your work contract may specifically stipulate what you can and cannot share with others.

Your employers don’t create such agreements to be annoying, they genuinely need to protect the details of their business operations.

As well as getting you fired, breaking an NDA can lead to fines or prosecution. If it seems as though data is sensitive to your employer, treat it as such. For those who are unsure, it is a good idea to ask a superior before divulging.

5. Take Overly Liberal Lunches

Lunchtime is great. You get a chance to escape the office, refuel with food, and connect with friends. Taking too liberal an approach to lunchtime can lead to you getting fired. First, stick within your allocated time. Going for too long can provide your boss with grounds for constructive dismissal if the problem persists. Second, don’t have a liquid lunch. Nobody wants a drunk employee, so stay sober.