7 Things Every Job Seeker Must Do

7 Things Every Job Seeker Must DoWe all know that the UK job market has been a little tough lately. However, that doesn’t mean finding a position is impossible. If establishing your career has become a bit of a chore lately, try using these seven essential tactics:

1. Diversify

Are you looking absolutely everywhere you can for jobs? As well as looking through online ads, check ads in papers and publications that are relevant to your chosen career. Visit the job centre and try a careers advisory service. If you have just graduated, or are about to, try graduate recruitment sites and your university’s careers service.

2. Update Your CV

You need to update your CV each time you apply for a new job. Yes, this is tiresome. However, HR teams can soon sniff out a blanket CV. Make sure you adapt yours to meet the requirements of the job you are applying to.

3. Make Your Covering Letter Specific

The only document that is worse than a blanket CV is a blanket covering letter. If you keep sending out generic covering letters, it tells your employers two things: you are lazy and you do not feel enthusiastic about the job. When writing your covering letter, update it so that it reflects the job posting.

4. Highlight Your Attributes

Highlighting your attributes isn’t always easy. However, if you don’t sing your praises to recruitment teams nobody else will do it for you. Take an afternoon or so to sit down and think about your skills, greatest achievements, and unique abilities. Find a way to phrase them so they make you stand out from the crowd. Nobody will remember you if you echo the same generic statements they have heard before.

5. Consider Retraining

Are your qualifications as fresh as they can be? Depending on your career, you may find that an absence from work may make you a little stale. If that is the case, consider retraining. Sometimes this is expensive, so you may want to go down the part-time route. In the meantime, see if you can find work elsewhere to supplement your studies.

6. Volunteer

In the course of looking for a job, you can always volunteer. This doesn’t mean you have to make a 7 day a week commitment. Some voluntary placements can involve going somewhere for an afternoon once a week. By volunteering, you demonstrate that you can commit and you can work. If necessary, you can engage in online volunteering.

7. Be Innovative

Sometimes the route into your desired job isn’t the most obvious one. For example, you may want to enter the business world, but can only find shop floor positions. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Many a person has worked their way up from the bottom; there is no reason why you cannot do so too!