A Quick Insight into Finding Part Time Work as a Student

Part Time Work as a StudentBelieve it or not but being a student carries weight. It gives you the upper hand to gain work experience. Employers want to hire committed candidates. There’s nothing screams commitment louder than studying full-time, while giving up your spare time to first find work, and then commit to doing the job you’re hired to do.

It’s the first step into the working world.

So many students spend years of their lives cooked up in textbooks that they wind up lacking real life skills. Skills that are only achieved by getting hands on, and into the work place.

The best time to get into a part time job is when you’re studying. Your studies are the first step into any career. Even working in your local newsagents, adds transferrable skills to your CV.

The more details you can give a potential employer, the more impressed they’ll be to hire you.

The other thing the combined studies and part-time work experience gives you is confidence in your abilities.

This is when things can get out of hand though, as you may need to ground yourself a little bit.

While confidence is excellent, and you want to get every single one of your skills onto your CV, to really make a lasting impression, you can’t take up all of their time.

Employers want to see you’re skilled, confident, academic, and committed. They also want to briefly find that out. The aim of your CV is to get employers to raise an eyebrow as they quickly scan through your CV.

Intrigue them enough with your skills and charismatic charm to want to invite you in to meet you. You need that interview and the CV is your opening to get it.

When you write your CV before applying to any job, remember you can always tailor it. If you’re solely basing certain skills and achievements from your school experience, then you’ll want to make those as transferrable and applicable to each job you apply for.

If a job advert asks for candidates who handle responsibility well, then it would be advantageous to base a school experience, such as becoming a prefect, or an ambassador of some sort, rather than saying you were focused on your studies and achieved A grades in Math, English and Science.

Your achievements don’t show responsibility. Being an ambassador to first year pupils does. A hall prefect shows you’re responsible too.

Those are the type of things to put an emphasis on within your cover letter. Don’t forget to add it to your accomplishment section on your CV too.

You have bragging rights!

When you have your CV constructed – Canvass, canvass, canvass!

Never stop this part of your job seeking. You’re not begging for work here. You’re being persistent and persistence really does pay off. For some employers it’s downright annoying but as a job seeker, even annoying gets you noticed.

Even if you get to the stage of your CV being forwarded, and you continually follow up…you’re giving employers a reason to look at your CV. It’s enough to have it lifted from the bottom of a pile, just so they can scan for a reason to rule you out.

If you’ve done your homework and personalised your CV, they’ll have a hard time nit picking something out.

You get their attention. Sometimes though, and this could happen, is that instead of trying to rule you out, your persistence is actually what can get you an interview opening. You could actually win an interview with a company just through patience, perseverance, and a determination to get yourself noticed.

It’s what business people refer to as “ballsy.” 

If you watch the Apprentice or any business related show, you’ll often hear the phrase “s/he’s got balls.” It shows you have a business mentality, you’re driven, motivated, and determined to succeed.

A good idea is to save your CV to a pen drive. That way when you’re out and about, down the highstreet, you can find somewhere to print off a CV and get it submitted to any company hiring. Always be scouring the shop windows for part-time worker required posters. They’re the most common places to find retail work part-time. Seasonal vacancies especially.

When you don’t see them, don’t be afraid to ask. It could be that an opening has just come up. You never know your luck.

Don’t limit your search to the highstreet though. Any company that you’d like to work for, keep an eye on their website, and their social media pages.

Recruitment is a high cost to employers to advertise on job search sites. Sift through those job sites, but also look at the careers pages on company websites too. That’s where many a businesses are advertising their jobs to lower their overheads.

The online part is the easiest as you can simply fire up the site on your laptop or Smartphone, while you’re watching the TV.  

When you get the interview – don’t blow it with nerves

The more canvassing you do, the more your employment chances increase. Employers know you’re seeking work and they’ll have your details on file. Eventually someone is going to be inviting you in for an interview. Be ready for the nerves. Especially if this is your first interview.

Everyone job applicant is nervous. Employers are nervous too. It’s the first time meeting someone new. It’s change and it’s the unknown of what’s going to happen.

Approach the interview with excitement. It’s a new beginning. You’ve already been through the first days at school. The first time you went to high school. The first day in your new college or university. A job interview is just like that. It’s a new day for you to meet someone new, and make a friendship.

Be open, be honest, be polite, and be charismatic.

Just remember that the person interviewing you is going to be nervous too. The only difference is that they have life experience and practice on hiding their anxiety, by putting a brave and professional face on.

You be the one to open the conversation, speak with a friendly approach, and be confident. The positive vibe you bring into the room will cause you both to relax. The relaxed interviews are the most successful.

Start with your CV, canvass it to as many places as possible, use your charm at the interview, and you’ll be have a part-time job in no time. That’s what’s  going to give you the ultimate work experience, ready to launch your new career when you do graduate. Get the upper hand on your competition early, and set yourself up for success.