Cartwright Group Boosts Jobs in Manchester

Cartwright Group Boosts Jobs in ManchesterJoint Managing Director of the Cartwright Group Stephen Cartwright has announced that the group are committed to involve more young people in their work force. The group manufacture bespoke trailer units on behalf of high-end clients, including Argos, Asda, Royal Mail, and FedEx.

Part of brand awareness for every major organisation involves the branded designs on the distribution fleet of trailers. That’s where the specialist skills of coachbuilders, painters, and welders come in with their skills to produce bespoke trailer units, travelling the highways around the UK.

To continue offering the astounding service they do, they need to bring fresh talent into their business, pushing them forward. Always striving to offer the best there is to offer. With the manufacturing industry experiencing turmoil as it is, this is a breath of fresh air for youths in the Manchester area, interested in this line of work as a career.

There isn’t too much being involved to offer apprenticeships in the industry and that’s something that the Cartwright Group are aiming to address. Part of the statement was about bringing awareness to the manufacturing industry, and how it can be a serious career choice to consider, and not only a job.

It’s a route you can start at any level, with or without training. The training can be done internally but there are some skilled jobs, which do require some training prior to accessing apprenticeships.

This is where the Stockport College comes into the plans.

Partnering with Stockport College

The government initiative is to encourage young people into jobs, but apprenticeship schemes aren’t readily available. That’s something that’s being put in place for 90 of the positions opening within the Cartwright Group.

30 apprenticeship placement will be appointed between now and 2016, in partnership with the Stockport College. A further 210 jobs are going to be created for jobs including production assistants and administrational support roles.

A total of 300 jobs are set to be created by the end of 2016. The company currently employ a 400 strong workforce, from painters, welders, and coachbuilders. Some of these types of jobs, you can expect to see apprenticeships become available for.

Last year, the company invested a total of £2.9m to improve the products and services they deliver. Further funding came from the Regional Growth Fund, (RGF).

Commitment to Youth Employment

Joint owner Steven Cartwright has stated that the company have a strong commitment to employ youths, who are in much need of work. Just as young people need the jobs, the company need the fresh talent coming through to work with them.

In return, the 50 years experience the company has, as well as a foundation of a 400 strong workforce, all skilled in the work they do, they are in a position to offer a highly advantageous opportunity for those interested in apprenticeships within the industry.

Even for those who aren’t in further education, there are staff there that have started working on the shop floor, and progressed their career, onto becoming managers in the organisation. If you’re interested in a career in manufacturing, and located near to Altrincham, Manchester, then the Cartwright Group and you could be a good pair to work together investing in the future of business and your personal career.