Crafting a Career from the Ground Up

Crafting a Career from the Ground UpIn modern times, the slogan “invest in your future” is pushed to the extreme. Colleges and universities are marketing their courses like crazy, to maximise their profitability.

That creates a problem for you as the student, because while you get the degree as your investment, you aren’t guaranteed the work at the end of the course. What you are guaranteed is student debt!

Sometimes it can be a better approach to do things old school.

If you were to sit down with your granddad, or grandma, and ask them what courses they took to get started in their line of work… chances are that they didn’t earn a degree. They’d probably done some type of in-house training, usually in the form of an apprenticeship.

The all too often forgotten generation established careers from the ground up. They’d have gone into their field, got their hands dirty, and got the job done. Hard work is labor intensive. That there’s no doubt about. If you have the willingness to put the hard work into anything, and learn as you go, you can craft a career from even the dirtiest of jobs.

The only thing you need is the ability to work with a passion in any work you do. When you approach any job with enthusiasm, and really curb 100% effort into the job you’re tasked to do, it does not go unnoticed. T

he worker with the ability to put hard work in, with a passion for the job will outsmart the highest qualified personnel in any organisation. Whatever your colleagues are doing, you do it better! It doesn’t matter if you’re packing boxes off a production line in a warehouse, or scrubbing blood off the wall of a crime scene.

Get hands on, get the job done and don’t whine about how hard or mundane the job is. When employers see they have someone on their payroll, devoting their time and work to their duties, they will do whatever they can to retain you.

That means carving out a career for you

…The best management are those who have been there and done that

One of the most challenging aspects of managing people is earning their respect. The best way to earn respect is to actually know what each staff member does. You get to know that when you experience it firsthand.

That work experience gives you the ultimate ability to relate to each member of staff within a company. To get to that managerial level, you must have the backing of employers behind you. That’s the entire purpose of putting your full effort into even the most mundane tasks you can imagine.

Just get the knuckles to the grindstone and get the job done.

Apply yourself consistently, and keep your eyes on the prize.

That prize is career progression!

That happens with the training you receive. Most companies have in-house training, with internal promotions available. If they don’t there is absolutely no harm in asking. You’ll know when to ask because there will be a job advert goes live when a position becomes available.

If you’re not qualified for what the company is looking for, ask them how you can. Businesses are linked up with enterprises, no matter how large or small they are. When they have talented workers already on their payroll, grants are available for training schemes. That is how you get vocational qualifications to progress your career from within. The more you apply yourself, the more in-house training you can receive, and you can continually push your way up the career ladder.

All without the costs of education – resulting in student debt.

The point is that you have options. You can go the formal education route, or you can direct to the labor market, with 100% commitment to a hard work ethic.

Using that to demonstrate firsthand to employers, that you’re someone they will benefit from. Instead of investing in your own future, you can opt to invest your hard work to businesses, and let them invest in your future instead. What starts out as unskilled labor can and does lead to skilled labor further in your career when you receive vocational training.

The only requirements are that you prove how valuable an asset you are to every job you take on. No job is dead-end, as they create opportunities.

Fortunately, not everyone has the willingness to commit to the hard work, and if you can commit to that, devoting 100% effort, then there’s thousands, if not millions of unskilled labor jobs available, which you can use to your advantage and craft a career from the ground up.

Do the jobs others aren’t prepared to do, and you can leapfrog above the competition. This is one way to set yourself head and shoulders above every other job seeker out there.