CV Writing Tips – How to Write the Perfect CV

CV Writing Tips – How to Write the Perfect CV

If you want to have the best shot at getting any job you apply for, you need to know how to write the perfect CV. In order to do this it makes sense to find all the CV writing tips you can. By putting them into practice you can make sure your CV stands out among the crowd. This will present the best possible image to whoever reads and evaluates it for the job position you are going for. Here are some tips to bear in mind when you next create a CV.

CV Writing Tips - How to Write the Perfect CV

Expect to spend some time on it

The best CV is not created in twenty minutes. Instead you must write down all the information you need to include in it and then hone it and refine it. When you think you have finished, put it to one side and then come back to it later to edit it again.

Tailor your CV to each and every job you apply for

Most candidates don’t do this. But this is how to write the perfect CV. Whoever reads it will know that you have put some considerable thought into it. They will also know you are fully aware of the skills and abilities you need for the job you are applying for. This is probably one of the most important CV writing tips you can use.

Don’t make it too long

Ideally it should cover one page of A4. Two pages is the absolute longest any CV should be. If yours is this long, make sure every word has earned its place on there.

Make the beginning count

Don’t assume your CV will be read from start to finish. Lots of people will be applying for the same job as you, so the interviewer may do little more than scan the CV. They will be more likely to read the first paragraph or two, so make sure your skills and abilities appear in this section. You can add your education and qualifications towards the bottom of the document.

Edit, edit, edit!

This cannot be underestimated. Make sure you don’t just list your achievements and skills. Word them in a way that will appeal to your prospective employer. Try not to refer to yourself as in saying “I did…” or “I achieved…” Instead, say something like “achieved 12% sales growth over a 12 month period, 2% higher than national average”.

Make sure you let people know what you are capable of and how those skills will benefit them. Once you have set your CV to one side you can return to it a while later. Any errors or alterations that need to be made will pop out at you.

Most people are so keen to send in their CV for a job position they don’t edit it or look for mistakes. But if you apply these CV writing tips you will know exactly how to write the perfect CV to get that job.

CV Do’s & Don’ts

Keep your CV short – no more than 2 pages
Tailor your CV to the role you are applying for
Ensure your name, number and email address are present
Make sure your CV is in an easy to read font and format
Ask someone to proof read your CV
Don’t include a photo with your CV (unless you are a model)
Don’t lie or mislead
Don’t include pictures or graphics
Don’t make spelling errors
Don’t apply for positions you are not qualified for