Deloitte Financial Consultancy Firm Open 177 Graduate Jobs in IT

Deloitte Financial Consultancy Firm Open 177 Graduate Jobs in ITExcellent news for Students studying towards a degree at Queens University in Northern Ireland came from Economy Minister, Arlene Foster as she announced the creation of 177 job openings at global finance firm Deloitte, based in Belfast.

Those who find work after graduation will become part of the firms’ graduate training programme, helping them progress in their field and excel in the jobs they’ll be doing.

The jobs are going to be in the IT sector, and will see new recruits working within the company’s technical studio.

The new positions are to help the company integrate and improve on their existing analytical services to clients, as well as working with digital and testing services, providing a vital support service to clients, mostly in the retail and banking sectors.

Deloitte operates in around 150 companies worldwide, so a job here is certainly going to provide job security. They’re a massive competitor on a global level, and with that comes global completion.

£1.2M investment from the public purse

Part of the job creations has been assisted with the aid of “Invest Northern Ireland” providing a £1.2 million investment to support the jobs creation.

There will be those wondering why there’s a significant investment being spent on a firm that has the resources to fill the positions themselves, but when you look at it from a business perspective, it’s easy to see the benefits, when looking at the figures.

Employing staff can be expensive, and a huge hit to a firms overheads. Without funding from government, global companies could find cheaper staff in other parts of the world.

What the funding does is ensures that those graduates with the best education keep their skills in the country, assisting economic growth in Belfast and throughout the UK.

A 1.2M investment isn’t much in the long term, considering that the jobs will be paying around £6 million in salaries year-on-year, which will be taxable therefore making the investment a long-term return to the public fund.

Skilled Workforce in Belfast Keeps the Company Recruiting Graduates

A key reason Deloitte say that they’re focusing on their graduate recruitment focused on Belfast is that every year they recruit a number of graduates into their program, and the skills are astounding.

The local skilled workforce delivers a high calibre of service in the following fields:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Math
  • Accountancy

All skills that the company need consistently to maintain their standard of service to clients. Students with the higher level of education, and therefore the qualified skills the company require are key to the continued success of Deloittes’ Belfast operations centre.

Students of Queens University due to graduate, are delighted with the reassurance that upon graduation there are going to be jobs available.

With Deloitte creating 177 job opportunities, it’s a huge relief to students to know that they aren’t training for the wrong skills.

The work is there for the IT sector around Northern Ireland, as it becomes a specialist area for IT graduates. Therefore, making it attractable to large firms internationally to set up base, increase employment and give graduate students with the qualifications to do the job they trained for, to continue in their careers without having to resort to career changing due to a lack of employment opportunities.