Do You Love Your Career?

Do You Love Your Career?Many people seem to think a career is something to do to earn money. Surely you can’t expect to love what you do as well? Despite the prevalence of this idea, there are many people working today who would disagree.

It is certainly possible to choose a career you love, where you look forward to starting work each day, and you never get the Monday morning blues (or at least, not very often).

The trick is to find out what career that will be for you. Here are some pointers that should help you find a career you will love.

What do you love doing above all else?

Maybe you’re an avid gardener, or you love baking cakes or doing some cooking whenever you get the chance. Perhaps you love to write or you enjoy meeting new people as often as you can. The things you love to do hold the seeds of potential new careers.

The more things you can think of that you love the easier it will be to find something you adore that will be suitable for you to pursue as a career.

What can you see yourself doing all day and getting paid for?

Just because you love gardening (to take one of the examples from above) it doesn’t mean you will want to do it all day every day. So when you have your list of activities you love to get involved with, you need to pare it down and get rid of the things you wouldn’t want to do as a job.

It might seem as if you’re going backwards at this point, but all you’re doing is getting closer to finding the perfect job for your life.

Don’t just look at the money

Of course money is important, and you will need a certain amount of it in order to live. But how much stuff do you need around you, and how many things do you need to have in order to be ‘happy’?

You’ve probably heard stories about people who have been in high flying jobs earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, only to leave them to run their own little business or earn a small wage doing something they love.

By paring down your needs you will make your ideal career easier to get, if it pays less than what you do for a living now.

It’s never too late

Many people change careers in their forties and beyond. It may not be easy, but it is no more difficult than it would be to make a complete change at any other time in your life. The more you understand about who you are and what you would love to do every day, the easier it will be to make your ideal career come about.

It’s possible to make it happen – you just have to get to where you need to be.