Do You Need to Go to University to Get Top Paying Jobs?

Do You Need to Go to University to Get Top Paying Jobs?Most of us have the desire to get a well paid job at some point in our lives. But many people believe that the only way to do so is to go to university and study for a degree first.

Is this true though?

Do you need to go to university to get top paying jobs, or do careers exist that pay well without having a degree as a requirement to entry? The answer is that it all depends on which type of career you plan to enter. For instance if you want to be a lawyer or a doctor, you cannot bypass university. You can’t make do with a few years at school and then go straight into medicine. But other careers that pay well do not have the same requirements.

As you can see it is important to understand what career you want to enter so you can see whether a university degree is necessary or not.

Which jobs can lead to success and a good income without a degree?

There are more of them than you might think. For instance if you have good skills around computers, you might decide to become a website designer. It is more important to be naturally creative and suited to this role than to study for it.

Good designers can either work for design companies or set up their own business to become successful and earn a lot of money. Other jobs include illustrator, more advanced positions in the police force, estate agents and more.

So it’s down to the career you wish to work in?

Yes it is. Some careers have and always will require a university education. But in other instances it is not necessary to have any training at all. For example freelancers in areas such as writing, illustrating and web design are very often self taught and have a passion for the area they work in. In this situation they can command their own fee if they become successful enough.

Will you still be required to work your way up the ladder?

This is common to most careers and it should be expected regardless of whether you have a degree or not. For example top paying jobs in the police force can be accessed by anyone who starts as a constable. If you show enough promise and determination you can climb the ladder and have as much chance of reaching the top as anyone who does have a degree.

Consider your career options carefully before deciding whether a university degree is a good investment

This is the most important thing to remember. While some jobs require you to have a university degree by default, others do not. Consider whether your chances of success in a certain career would be better if you got a degree. You might be better off using those years to forge a career in another area.

Do you need to go to university to get top paying jobs? The answer is quite simple – not necessarily.