Exciting Casino Career Opportunities in Milton Keynes

Exciting Casino Career Opportunities in Milton KeynesFive years in development brings an exciting launch day of the Milton Keynes Aspers Casino. That brings 250 jobs to the area, with locals keen to snap them up.

Of the jobs to be created, only four have been filled thus far.

Those appointed vacancies were managerial, and marketing. The initial recruitment phase is now beginning, which will see staff trained on the various aspects of the gaming sector.

Due to high legislations, and the UK not having so many casinos as other countries, it’s still a relatively new industry, so training will be crucial.

The job openings will be recruiting in August, requiring 6 weeks staff training prior to opening. So even for those with no previous experience in the casino industry, which most people won’t have, there’s full training going to be on offer.

Nigel Hartland is the appointed general manager for the casino and relays that the jobs are not just jobs for those lucky enough to land them. The casino is offering full training, as well as real career opportunities, as there will be room for progression within the company.

The training course provided will entail 6 weeks training, and will cover the customer service training, alongside the gaming training, needed to help customers enjoy their experience in the new establishment.

The luxurious experience for customers and staff

If you’ve dreamed of heading to Vegas, living the life, listening to the slots ringing, and watching the dice roll, wondering how you could get involved…then this is your opportunity.

When the recruitment begins in August, there’s a number of opportunities going to be open to you.

·       Hospitality

·       Bar staff

·       Trainee gaming staff

·       Customer service reps

·       Cleaning crews

·       Floor managers

·       Security personnel

Whatever role you’d like to be doing, the vacancies are coming soon. The casino is operated as part of Aspers (UK), and they are accepting new application for the Milton Keynes Casino just now.

The new Milton Keynes establishment will become the second largest casino in the UK.

It’s been years in the making, and August sees the keys to the XScape facilities handed over to Aspers, ready to move in and set up for opening day.

It’s not just gaming though. It’s a lively entertainment venue too. You’ll have the games area, which will host the traditional casino table games. There will also be electronic games, as well as the slots.

It also caters to those who don’t want to gamble at all.

Customers can enjoy the fine wining and dining within the establishments’ restaurant. There’s also the sports bar, which will play host to all major sporting events, on a large screen TV.

Whatever area you’d like to work in, Aspers are offering a full entertainment venue, which brings with it a number of job opportunities.

Reputation is everything and you’ll be trained for spotting problems

One of the things that casinos have a reputation for is putting profits before customers. That’s something that the management of Aspers are keen to address. They work with a number of agencies where people can turn to if their gambling takes a dip into a problem area.

The company takes responsible gambling seriously. While it’s not a major concern, they do train all staff to be vigilant with their customers and intervene when it’s deemed appropriate.

According to the Aspers MK manager, the average customer spend will be around £15 – £30 per visit. People don’t tend to risk hundreds, so it fairly easy to spot when someone is venturing into the problem zone of gambling to recuperate losses.

That’s all part of the training you can expect from Aspers. You’ll be taught about customer services, but more importantly, customer care.

The casino environment is there for people to enjoy their visits. It’s a pleasurable and fun experience, and the staff can make all the difference.

You could become a part of that thriving, fun, and exciting environment by being a part of the casino staff.